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When you have a baby there is so much stuff to get! It’s really hard to determine what is truly a necessity and what you can do without, especially for the first time parent! When I saw that there was actually a company called Nursery Necessities I thought that was truly brilliant!

This Waterproof fitted crib mattress cover is definitely a necessity if you plan on taking care of your baby’s mattress. The thought of them laying on a dirt mattress is disgusting to me so mattress care is definitely something I take seriously!

This cover is a nice balance of being soft but waterproof at the same time. I usually find that waterproof means crinkly and loud which is not good when you’re trying to put a baby to sleep! I had one that made a noise every time he moved and made it hard for him to go to sleep! This is a nice, thick material that isn’t like the thin, cheap stuff that makes a lot of noise.

While it protects the mattress from getting wet, it also keeps baby cozy on the soft surface. The quilted material is thick and soft and makes an extra little layer of cushion.


This is priced at $35 which is actually much higher than I thought. The ones I’ve bought in the past were more in the $15 range usually. This is definitely better quality so you do get your moneys worth.

Keeping your baby dry at night is important but so is protecting your mattress from those inevitable leaks. The waterproof crib mattress cover is definitely one I’d consider a necessity when it comes to baby’s nursery needs!



Product Description

The Secret All Parents Need to Know for Handling Nighttime Diaper Leaks & Potty Training Accidents

Nursery Necessities Waterproof Cover Keeps Your Child’s Mattress Clean & Dry So Parents Can Focus on Getting Their Little One Clean & Dry – Less Hassle So You Both Can Get Back to Sleep Sooner!

Product features include:

Superior Quality: Soft to Touch, Breathable, Microfiber Peach Skin Top Layer Absorbs Liquids Away From Surface – Waterproof with High Absorbency – Mattress Protector for babies & potty training toddlers

Luxurious Comfort: Fitted Quilted Pad Provides Silky Soft But Sturdy Cushion for Sleeping Safely and Peacefully – Fits Snug to All Standard Size Cribs & Toddler Beds – No Bunching, Crinkling Sound or Strong “Plastic” Odor

Safety & Trust: Nursery Necessities Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover is Vinyl/PVC-Free, While Most Other Waterproof Crib Pads Do Contain Vinyl/PVC. The Cover is Also Lead-Free, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Dye-Free, Hypoallergenic, and Prevents Against Bacteria, Mold and Dust Mites

Machine Washable: No Shrinkage or Wrinkling – Durable to Withstand Numerous Washings and Can Be Put in the Dyer.

Special Offers: Save $10 When Buying 2 or More Crib Mattress Covers. Nursery Necessities Also Provides a One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee and Will Replace or Refund Any Customer Who is Not 100% Happy with the Product.



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