You CAN Eat Clean Without Sacrificing Flavor! Dashing Dish by Katie Farrell is the Perfect Tool to do so! #Review #EatingClean


My Thoughts

I have quite a few picky eaters in my house. I won’t name names but lets just say that mealtime is a challenge for me daily! I was excited when I read the back of Dashing Dish before getting into it to see things like Macaroni and Cheese that my kids actually eat were listed! A healthy way to make something they already love? Yes please!

The other word that had me excited to dive into this cookbook was simple. When I am looking at recipes, sometimes I stop reading when I see ten plus ingredients! I am a mother of three very busy little children. I NEED simple meals to prepare. Sometimes that means sacrificing taste or even their nutritional value. It’s really hard to get simple and nutritious meals.

This book has 100 recipes for clean eating. I like that it’s a hardback book because something like a cookbook that gets repeated use needs to be! I really like that there’s a fully page illustration for each and every recipe! I have never understood cookbooks that don’t show a picture of everything. They just pick and choose which ones to show pictures of and those are the only ones I usually end up trying. A picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to food!

The only thing I would change regarding the aesthetics of the book is the pages. I like cookbooks that have slick pages so that if, and when, you splatter food on them, you can wipe them off!

Now back to the food! I did try a few of the recipes and was really pleased with the results. I really liked the overnight french toast bake! Doing something the night before and having it ready to bake in the morning really simplifies things. This would be fun for Christmas morning or other busy events where you don’t want to spend all morning in the kitchen but do want a special breakfast.

The ten minute taco salad was another fun one and as delicious as it was easy to prepare! I like things like this that taste great and are easy to prepare. I have several other recipes that I have ear marked to try next and I’m sure eventually I’ll try them all!

The Dashing Dish has renewed my joy of cooking and given me a great list of new things to try with my picky family!




About the Book

From the creator of the wildly popular cooking and healthy lifestyle website, comes a clean eating cookbook designed to give home cooks a healthy start to 2015. Dashing Dish: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating (Nelson Books) by Katie Farrell combines delicious and simple recipes with easy tips for incorporating clean eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. As a registered nurse, Farrell has spent years teaching others about nutrition, health and overall wellbeing. Since its inception, her hit website has garnered more than 25,000 monthly subscribers who access her recipes, cooking videos and fitness plans.
For readers new to clean eating, Dashing Dish makes it easy to transition by providing lists of valuable pantry, fridge and freezer items helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The book also includes important conversion charts and offers clean substitutes for some popular unhealthy foods, making the jump to clean eating as simple as possible.


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