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My Thoughts

I have three kids, aged 6, 5 and 1. Part of the joy of being a parent is teaching them my love for reading and love for Jesus. Kregel has had a big hand in that with their Candle books designed specifically for the little ones.

The Lift the Flap Bible is for ages 10m+ so it was just perfect to read with my one year old Jax.

IMG_0041I love that he is at the age where he’s really into books and lift the flap is especially fun for kids this age! There are several flaps on each page that keeps them engaged while being read to. It’s a little bit tricky for chubby uncoordinated fingers to lift the flaps on their own but once they get the hang of it and the book and flaps get broken in, they can lift them with ease!


The only problem with lift the flap is Jax likes them so much he just wants to play with them and is eager to turn pages before I’ve finished reading them. Patience and understanding will come in time! I’m just happy that he’s so interested in books at such a young age.

Since this book was designed with little ones in mind, each story is short and sweet with just two pages that is basically a summary of the story. The focus is more on the adorable illustrations and flaps to keep them engaged and interested.

With just eight stories, it’s the perfect length to read in one sitting. I thought the story choice was interesting. Some I would expect like Noah’s Ark and Jonah but I thought the last story of A Man Through the Roof was an odd choice. Obviously at this age Jax loves anything I read to him. I just thought that story was a bit out of place in the company of the most well known children’s stories in the Bible.

The Lift the Flap Bible is a great introduction to Bible stories for Jax and I can give it to him and let him “read” it on his own and he can entertain himself for quite a while just turning the thick cardboard pages and lifting the flaps!



About the Book

What’s under the flaps? Find out in this collection of eight very simple Bible stories in a large cased board book format. Each story is told across a double-page spread and there are flaps on every page. Bright, quirky illustrations full of wit and color from Louise Anglicas are perfect for this engaging introduction to Bible stories.

Stories are: Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Bulrushes, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Great Fish, Born in a Stable, Boy with Loaves and Fishes, The Lost Sheep, and Man Lowered Through the Roof.


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