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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Urbini. I received an Urbini stroller to facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.


My Thoughts

Since Jax is the third child in our family, most everything he has is handed down! I had gotten rid of our previous travel system and was borrowing one for a while. That made the arrival of the Urbini Emi Travel System even more of a luxury! I was definitely excited but I was surprised to see how excited Jax was! It was like he knew it was something special just for him and was climbing all over it as I was putting everything together.


One of the things I hate the most about baby gear is putting it together! This one was actually pretty easy to assemble. There was no assembly for the car seat. I just had to make some adjustments to the straps which was easy. The stroller came fully assembled with the exception of the wheels and snapping on the snack tray and upper tray. I also had to make some adjustments to the straps. I had it all adjusted and assembled in less than twenty minutes. Jax climbed right in and was ready to take it for a spin!


What I immediately noticed that I liked more than any other stroller I’ve had (probably close to ten) is that the sunshade dropped down really low! I love that this provides such amazing protection from the sun! The upper half of his body was completely covered!

IMG_8085IMG_8082The Colors

We received the red color and I really like the shade of red. I like that this is gender neutral. I think we are done having kids but just in case, I’m not stuck with a blue one if I were to have another girl!




Electric Blue

What I Love about the Stroller

As I mentioned, I really like the sunshade and the color. The other think I really liked was that it’s probably the easiest stroller to fold I’ve seen. You simply grab a strap that’s labeled for you, pull it and it collapses.


My other favorite thing is the storage! There is a tray up top for my keys, phone and cupholders for a drink. Jax also has his own tray for drinks and snacks.


Underneath, the storage basket is huge and there is also a zipper pouch that I really like! I put things in here I want hidden and to be sure they don’t fall out like my wallet if I have it with me. I also keep diapers and wipes in there all the time so I always have them handy without having to remember to pack each time.

It also fully reclines into carriage mode and you can even put the baby’s feet up or down with a simple pull of the handle underneath.

The handle is adjustable as well so if you are shorter you have it at a lower level than for those that are taller.

What I Don’t Love about the Stroller

There’s just one thing I don’t like about this stroller. It doesn’t turn so easily. I have to put a little effort into it instead of it just turning easily as soon as I direct it to. It just feels a little stiff. I’m not sure if that’s something that will ease up over time but I have found this to be true with all travel systems. It seems like only the ridiculously expensive strollers and joggers turn super smoothly. Other than that, it’s the perfect stroller.

What I Love about the Car Seat

Jax is thirteen months now and twenty pounds so legally he can be in the next sized car seat. However, I’m not as comfortable with the safety of them since he’s still so little. I like to have him more snug and secure in the infant car seats. This carseat is LATCH equipped and 5 point harness with crash and impact protection.

The other major benefit of an infant car seat is that you can still lift them out of it and snap it into the stroller when they fall asleep instead of having to wake them up to take them out. It also has a great long sunshade for maximum protection.


Putting this car seat in was super easy. Our last seat I had to have my husband strong arm the buckles that connect to the metal inserts in our seat because there was barely enough give to make it fit. This one has simple buckles that you just push in and even easier, a red release button to remove! It looks kind of like a claw. The strap is also extra long so you can fit it in any size seat. This was such a relief after the nightmare of our last seat!


The other major thing I love about the car seat is that it starts at albs and holds up to 35 lbs and 32″ in length which is more than most infant car seats. My other two had car seats good to 25 pounds so basically as soon as they hit one, I HAD to move them up to the next seat. Jax is long but still has some room to grow.


This one will probably be good for Jax for another year so I have the comfort of knowing he is safely, comfortably tucked away and the ease of transition to stroller or inside the house when he falls asleep in the seat.


What I Don’t Love About the Car Seat

Nothing! I couldn’t think of a single complaint!

The Complete Travel System

Putting the car seat and stroller together is as simple as laying the seat in the fully reclined position and dropping the car seat in. It will click to let you know it’s locked and you are good to go! You just remove the car seat the same way you would remove it from the car with the release handle in the back.


I really like the complete coverage I can give Jax when I use both of the shades together.


The Cost

This travel system is availably at Walmart and runs for $$249 right now. That is more than I paid for mine but after seven years and three kids, I have to say that this is something where you get what you pay for. It’s not the cheapest one out there but it’s probably in the lower range compared to some of the high priced sets. I think you get a good quality set without breaking your bank and it doesn’t hurt that it’s really stylish to look at!

My Conclusion

I love taking Jax out in this travel system and have gotten a lot of compliments and questions anytime we’ve used it so I’d say it’s definitely in with the current trends!



About the Stroller

The Urbini Emi Travel System makes being out and about with baby a delight. Not only is this full-size, luxury stroller loaded with modern comforts, conveniences and choices, but it also includes the lightweight Urbini Sonti 4-pound to 35-pound infant car seat. Designed for all kinds of on-the-go situations, the Emi folds in a flash with its simple quick-lift system. The extra-large storage basket with zippered compartment conveniently keeps belongings tucked away. The ultra-cozy seating area fully reclines into carriage mode and includes an oversized canopy so baby can rest comfortably. Emi’s adjustable handle lets you choose the right fit for steering, and the unique CLICK-FIT tray removes easily to clean or store away.

Urbini Emi Travel System:

Designed for a child up to 50 lbs
Full recline carriage mode
Quick-step fold
Front-swivel wheels make turning easier
Front and rear suspension
Bumper bar with removable CLICK-FIT child’s tray

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