Be Ready in an Emergency with the Credit Card-Sized External Battery Charger #Review #powercard


My Thoughts

I have found myself in a couple situations very recently that I needed a cell phone charger and didn’t have one. I have been wanting one of these External Battery Chargers for a while but wasn’t sure exactly how they worked.

This past month I spent at Urgent Care and the hospital with my youngest with a double ear infection and pneumonia he couldn’t shake. Each time seemed to happen when my phone was low on charge and each incident I was there for over six hours. With two other children to coordinate care for while my husband was at work, my phone dying was the last thing I needed. That’s when I knew I HAD to have one of these chargers!

My first impression was that I loved how small it is. With three kids I don’t have a lot of extra room in my purse or diaper bag so this is the perfect size. it really is as small as a credit card, although obviously not as thin.


The directions were pretty simple to follow. I just charged it using a USB cable and then it was ready to go!  It came with a little attachment to plug into the bank and then my iPhone.

3740688af62e96b4784c8636db8f931bb547510eI am able to fully charge my phone with it without any down time since it’s so light and easy I can talk on the phone with it still attached.

The credit card sized external battery charger is convenient, easy to use and perfect in an emergency. I will never leave home without it again!



Product Description

Power Theory® Credit Card-Sized 2500mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack with built-in USB & Apple® Lightning Cable. The PowerCard is a Lightweight Backup Phone Power Bank That Fits in a Pocket or Wallet and Works Great for iPhone 5/6, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus and More.

THE POWERCARD – A PERFECT COMBINATION OF POWER, SIZE & WEIGHT. Many products claim to be “the world’s thinnest, lightest power bank”. Usually that just means they don’t have enough juice to actually charge your phone enough to use it. If you compare our ratio of weight (60g/2.1oz), to compact size (3.75 x 2.4 x 1/4 inches) to powerful charge (2500 mAh Real Capacity) you will not find a better external battery charger for emergency situations or those days where you need a little extra power.

NO MORE FUSSING AROUND IN YOUR BAG FOR ANNOYING CHARGING CABLES. A portable battery charger is not really portable if you have to also carry the cables that easily break or tangle. Our smartly designed external power bank has a built-in Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable meaning you have everything need to charge your phone when you need it the most.

NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY POWER AGAIN. External battery packs are a great idea in theory, but we found that we never seemed to have them on hand when we needed them the most. To solve this we designed the PowerCard. Our lightweight design means you can always carry the charger with you whether you are out on business, travel or at a restaurant. Our A+ Li-Polymer battery cell (2500 mAh) means that you can depend on the PowerCard to fully charge almost all smartphones.


The IE Mommy

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