Why You Should Invite Your Partner To Your Baby Shower

Years ago, baby showers were considered to be events attended solely by women. It was a chance for everyone to give gifts and attention to mothers-to-be. Thankfully, that has changed in modern times, and now men are often allowed to get involved. So, don’t make the mistake of sending your partner out for the evening. Ensure he gets to enjoy the occasion too. After all, the baby you’ll have in a few months time is just as much his as it is yours. He deserves some attention just like you do.


While most of the gifts given at baby showers are for the unborn child, some of them will be for the parents too. It seems unfair that you should take receipt of all those lovely gifts when your partner isn’t around. So, make sure you invite him and allow him to feel as overwhelmed as you.


Baby showers are celebrations of new life, so they often turn into somewhat of a party. Doesn’t it seem unfair to cut your man out of the event? We think it does, and that is one of the main reasons you should have him around.


If nothing else, you have to admit that having a baby shower without your partner is unfair. You might have to carry the child, but he has to dedicate his life to supporting you and loving you. So, we think he deserves to be involved.

We hope you will now consider asking the father-to-be to attend your baby shower. Even if he decides not to spend the evening in the company of all your friends, it would still be nice to get an invitation.

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