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Lorinda’s Thoughts

I have read that coconut oil is healthier to use and cook with than other oils so I am making the switch. I had already started using coconut oil to remove my make up, as oil for my skin and in sugar scrubs, but I am now ready to try it out in my kitchen. I read also that you should have separate containers of coconut oil for your different uses. I got this 16 ounce container of Nutrigold Coconut Oil Gold to use in my kitchen since I had already mostly used my other container for skin uses.

I am driven by healthy products and food as a lot of people are. I will say that I like the taste of healthy food probably more than most and I always have. My family does not always share this drive and taste palate, but I am their only cook so if I stick with healthy things long enough they adapt.

The taste test: Initially I though our food might taste like coconut and my family would protest a little, but amazingly everyone approved! I sautéed some carrots in the Nutrigold Coconut Oil Gold and added some cajon seasoning. The carrots were great and I even noticed that the cleanup was easier than normal. I also used it when I made hash browns the next morning. Again, I got approval and cleanup was great!

So this got me thinking about something I watched on a television show about how you can judge how healthy something is by seeing how easy it is to clean off of a pan or plate. If the food and/or oil sticks to a pan or plate, is that how it sticks to the inside of our bodies? The coconut oil practically wiped out with a paper towel which is probably reflective of why it is healthier.

The Nutrigold Coconut Oil Gold is firm in the container, but it is easy to scoop out and then it melts to a liquid oil consistency with the heat of the pan. (The coconut oil will even melt to a liquid oil consistency with the heat of your hand when you use it for your skin.) It is USDA Organic and NON GMO Project Verified, both labels I like to see.

My switch in the kitchen using coconut oil is a good one and I am really happy for my family. The taste is good and cleanup is easy. It is healthy for my family and they approved! Yay!


Product Description

Cold-Pressed, Certified Organic, Extra-Virgin, Non-GMO
Naturally Rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
Rich in Naturally Occurring Lauric Acid and Vitamin E
Fewer Calories Than Regular Cooking Oils. Can Also be Used for Hair Care and Skin Care.
Naturally free of Cholesterol, Gluten, Trans Fat, and Hydrogenated Fats


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