Why Yoga Is Great for Your Body

If you are already a committed practitioner, you are most likely already familiar with the many benefits yoga can bring to your body and life. Trying to explain those attributes to someone new to yoga and perhaps a little skeptical can be a challenge. However, people have been realizing the power of yoga for literally thousands of years. The fact that medical professionals are now also beginning to proclaim the merits of yoga helps strengthen the pro-yoga argument.

Reduces Stress

One of the top reasons to attend yoga classes is they may help relieve stress. Stress can really damage the body. It has been cited as a cause of insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, as well as high blood pressure. Yoga can help you to relax and provide increased peace of mind.

Improved Flexibility

Another important reason to practice yoga is it can improve your flexibility. Beginners may even have difficulty touching their toes. As you progress, you will probably notice your body gradually becoming more flexible. Eventually, poses that looked impossible become doable. Increased flexibility can also help protect your body from injury.

Boosts Energy and Happiness

Many people who perform yoga claim it boosts their energy. You may also be less likely to be depressed due to an increase in serotonin levels after taking a class. Serotonin is a chemical in the body believed by many to help elevate feelings of happiness.

Builds Muscle and Bone Strength

Yoga can improve core strength, which may help prevent conditions such as arthritis and back pain. As you age, you become increasingly susceptible to these problems. Good posture is also easier when your body is strong. Poor posture has been cited as a primary cause for many muscle and joint problems. Strong muscles are also better toned and look attractive, which may lead to improved body image.

Increased bone strength is another benefit of yoga. Numerous moves and positions require practitioners to lift their body weight, which helps strengthen bones and decrease the likelihood of osteoporosis.

Contributes to a Healthier Lifestyle

Anyone who does yoga knows what great exercise it is. You move a lot and burn many calories. When you put a lot of effort into a workout it may inspire you to eat less and make all around healthier food choices.

These are only a few of the benefits of yoga. There are many more. You may very well get hooked after taking a class and it will become an important part of your life, as it has for many practitioners.

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