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My Thoughts

Kid just seem to naturally want to mimic everything that their parents do. I have never met a kid that didn’t try to take their parents keys, cell phones and remote controls! Jax is no different. At one year old, he is into everything! He loves to explore his big world and taking mommy and daddy’s things are a part of that!

It makes me nervous when he takes my keys. I don’t want them to get lost but more importantly, I’m sure they are loaded with germs and my keychain is a choking hazard. I also don’t want him sucking on my key that has a chip in it with the remote and code etc and having it stop working! That would be an expensive one to replace.

The Learning Journey On the Go Activity Set was created with babies like Jax in mind. For ages 3months + it is completely safe for the little ones since it’s designed with them in mind. While they aren’t replicas of real keys, they are even better!


With bright, bold colors to attract the little ones and buttons that make a variety of sounds; this set has everything your little one will need to keep them entertained, and hopefully away from  your real sets!


Since they are so big, I don’t think Jax actually associates them with keys and a phone/remote but whatever he thinks they are, he likes them! He likes to push all of the buttons to see what sounds they make.

IMG_7901His favorite thing on the key set is the light on the top that is very lifelike to disengaging a car alarm. He loves to push the button and just watch it light up.


If your little one has the typical fascination with all things electronic; specifically keys and remotes; they will love this On the Go Activity Set to keep them busy!



Product Description

With their own set of keys, remote control or smart phone, your toddler will be ready to go! The On The Go Activity Set has buttons that react with sounds and lights, teethers and other sensory activities that will keep your child engaged for hours. Requires six button cell batteries (included). Ages 3+ months.


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