iLove my new iCoffee Single Serve Opus Brewer More than my Keurig! #iCoffee @iCoffee


My Thoughts

Yes, you read that title right! I love this iCoffee Opus Brewer so much more than my Keurig that cost almost twice as much! There are many reasons why so let me break it down for you!

The Cost

I will pay for quality so that isn’t really the issue. But if I can get equal or better quality for less; of course I want to! I spent $200 on my Keurig 2.0 when it first came out. This iCoffee brewer runs for $139.99 so it’s a quite a bit cheaper for basically the same features; some even better.

The Simplicity

While my Keurig boasts onscreen programming, I actually prefer the buttons on this one with an on screen display. It just keeps it simpler and makes it easier to use. The power button is used to turn it off and on with an energy saver option just below it. The simple dial allows you to change the size of your drink whether you are having a small cup of coffee or using a large travel mug with choices from 4 ounces to 12 that go up or down in .5 ounce increments.


To use the travel mug, you just remove the base by sliding it out and putting the mug in it’s place.


The Single Serve Cups

This is my biggest disappointment in the Keurig 2.0 and the thing I like most about iCoffee. The 2.0 from Keurig now has a chip in the K cups so that you HAVE to use their brand. They were losing money because of all the cheaper options out there so when they made 2.0, they added this feature.

What I love about iCoffee is that any cup will work in it so if I want to buy another brand to save money, I can. Even better it comes with a reusable cup option so that I can put my regular ground coffee into it! Using the same coffee as I use in my regular old pot, I can actually taste the difference attributed to the Spin Brew Technology.

The Spin Brew Technology

This is a patent pending feature that is unique to iCoffee because it has a needle with jets that spin and steam and stir the coffee that is inside the cup. This is supposed to make the coffee richer without the bitter aftertaste that can be associated. After trying the exact same coffee in two different machines, I really can taste the difference.

What’s Included

The iCoffee Opus comes with everything you need to make coffee right away. You just plug it in, ad water to the side removable container and turn it on! It comes with a sampling of coffee and the re-usable cup so even if you don’t have any cups handy, you can enjoy immediately.


My Conclusion

I wish I had known about iCoffee before I spent the money on my Keurig 2.0. Not only does the coffee taste better; it’s a cheaper investment and also saves you money in the long run but allowing you to use multiple brands of K cups inside of it. The iCoffee put Keurig out of business in my house!



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  1. HMMMMMM Intriguing! I am glad I didn’t buy the 2.0 because of that whole “chip” feature. I have the Vue and Rivo and enjoy them. This iCoffee is interesting though 😉

    • Yea Melissa I wasn’t too happy to find out about that! They will replace your old KEURIG K-cups that don’t work for free, but not your other brand cups!

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