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I recently reviewed the NIV Bible Believe and Think, Act, Be Like Jesus is a companion to that Bible. This book was such a refreshing read and not at all what I expected, which I always appreciate!

It was so honest and raw in the introduction with the “confession of disbelief” that I knew this was one of those potentially life changing books.

As children we believe what we are taught and take it at face value. As we grow into teenagers and adults, the doubt begins to creep in. I admit to having questions of my own about heaven and hell. It’s such a hard thing to wrap your brain around.

Frazee openly shares his doubts that led him to write this book. I really liked the way that it was broken down in three sections with ten chapters each: the ten core beliefs, ten core practices and ten core virtues. It goes in an order that makes sense. Within the first, you can’t do the last.

Frazee’s writing grabbed my attention from page one. I felt particularly connected to it as a Pastors daughter, reading a book written by a Pastor. You don’t usually see such a personally written book from a Pastor which is what makes it real and authentic.

Think, Act, Believe Like Jesus is a great read if you have ever experienced any doubt in your faith, which basically includes all Christians.




About the Book

This book is a fresh resource for discipleship by pastor and author Randy Frazee that will help readers develop a personal vision for spiritual growth and a simple plan for getting started on the journey to think, act, and be more like Jesus Christ.

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