Pack of Two DE 14500 Li-ion Button Top Rechargeable Batteries with Charger


My Thoughts

As a family of five with everything from baby toys to game controls and tablets for the older ones; we go through A LOT of batteries! I have to buy them in bulk and it’s a little bit sickening to realize how much we spend on batteries!

I decided to invest in rechargeable’s for the things that get a lot of use like my wireless mouse and keyboard and my kids video game controllers. My previous charger died on me so I decided to get this DE 14500 and give it a shot.

The thing that really appealed to me is that you can charge more than one size of batteries in the same charger. My old one only took AA but I do also have devices I’d like to get AAA rechargeable batteries for. This isn’t without it’s drawback though. It’s spring loaded and since it’s designed to charge more than one size, it’s not a perfect fit. You have to kind of wiggle it around to get it to line up and stay in place. Once you figure it out though, it’s easy to position in place.

I like that there is a red indicator light that turns green when fully charged. I was surprised to see the light change in about an hour because my last charger took several hours. I love the convenience and how quickly it works!

I didn’t realize at first that these weren’t AA batteries because they look like the same size. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t go into my camera but when I did some reading on it I realized they are actually 14500 batteries. I know this is in the description but I thought this was a model number and didn’t realize it referred to a battery size. Shows what I know! Either way, I’m happy to be able to charge all my batteries in one.

It charges with a USB cable but doesn’t come with one. This isn’t an issue in my house because we have several so I just connected it to my Apple charger that I keep plugged in and was good to go!

The charger has a bit of a learning curve to it’s fit but that’s because of the flexility of being able to charge more than one size. I’m happy to have replaced my old charger with this one!




81jKFgGdlkL._SL1500_Product Description

This DE two pack of button top 14500, 750mAh, 3.7v rechargeable batteries and charger will keep your device running like new. These Li-on cells are perfect for electronics that require lots of power in a short period of time. Suitable for laser pointers and flashlights among other electronic devices.

Package includes:
Two (2) 14500 Button Top batteries
Retail Packaging
NOT INCLUDED: Micro-USB cable for charger


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