Your Little Girl will be Sitting Pretty this Valentine’s Day with a Dress from @CarouselWearCo #CarouselWear


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I recently shared a Giveaway for a chance to win an adorable Valentine’s Day dress from Carousel Wear. While there was only one winner, there’s still time to shop for a cute dress for your little one with many on sale now!

17710I had a hard time choosing a dress for my five year old Paige because there were so many choices! I ended up settling on the Floral Girls Smocked Pink Summer Dress because it is so versatile! It looks girly and feminine and perfect for Valentine’s day but also has flowers that would be great for an Easter Dress! If you know Paige you know she wears her Easter Dresses all year round whether she’s going to church or riding her bike at the park. Her dress code is pretty much the same!

This has been a bad month for health in our house with the baby getting Pneumonia and now Paige getting sick. That didn’t stop her from getting decked out to play in the back yard while she was home from school!



I was a little worried when I saw that the top was ribbed because she had a dress before that she didn’t like with a similar top. Luckily this was made with a lining so it didn’t bother her at all. She loved the little feminine details like the big pink flower on the side with little pearls dangling from it. She immediately searched to find a matching hair accessory!


Another really pretty detail is the lace at the bottom of the dress.


The dress is beautifully made and of good quality material. I already had to wash it after Paige’s afternoon in the backyard playing and it came out without any fading or threads hanging. It will definitely last us through the year and the timing is perfect because I finally had to get rid of her old Easter Dress after she painted in it!

If you have a little girly girl in your house she will adore the dresses from Carousel Wear for any occasion. If she’s like my Paige, every day is a special occasion to wear a beautiful dress from Carousel Wear!




About the Dress

This floral smocked girl’s dress is perfect for summer. Woven through the smocked bodice of the dress is a hot pink, polka dot ribbon. Accenting the dress is a flower, made with the same pattern ribbon as the one woven through the bodice. The flower is absolutely precious! Dangling from the bottom of the flower are several strands of pearl beads. Towards the bottom of the smocked bodice are several light flowers. This dress is fully lined. 

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