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Cold and flu season is here and this seems to be an especially bad one! Two of my three kids have gotten sick so far and I just don’t have time to be sick! As a busy mother of three, my family relies on me to take care of them. Since my husband works long hours, there’s no one to take care of me when I get sick!

I have heard of certain things helping to fight off sickness before it really starts but have always been a little leary of this. After all, if those things really worked, wouldn’t everyone take them?

I hadn’t heard of the EZC Pak since it’s new but when Jax got sick at the beginning of January and I felt a scratchy throat coming on, I decided to give it a try! It’s a pretty simple five day tapered regiment to follow.

The pills are a little bit big and have a gross aftertaste so it’s good to take with water or juice handy to wash it down. While I didn’t love the taste, what I did love was it’s effectiveness! I didn’t feel drastically different or anything but I did not end up getting sick! My scratchy throat and the tell tale headache and leg aches I get before getting sick disappeared!

I took the complete five day treatment and life went on! Jax ended up getting really sick and has fought a month long battle of ear infections and pneumonia so I am really happy that I was healthy and able to take care of him!

Yesterday my middle child Paige woke up with the barking cough and sore throat that’s currently making the rounds at her school. I immediately started taking another round to stave off the latest illness! Today is the second day and I don’t show any symptoms of sickness.

So how does it work? It combines ingredients known to support good immune system health and makes the perfect formula to fight off sickness! For complete description with all the medical information, check out the product description below. After taking it twice to fight off sickness and seeing it’s effectiveness, I’m going to take this EZC Pak every time I feel like I’m getting sick! This mama doesn’t have time for sickness!




Product Description

EZC Pak is a 5-day tapered immune support pack composed of certified organic Echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C. EZC Pak was created by a physician concerned about inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and rising drug resistance. A recent CDC study found that U.S. providers prescribe 258 million courses of antibiotics for a population of 309 million Americans. This translates to over 8 antibiotic prescriptions for every 10 people. This was followed by a WebMD survey that found 95% of prescribers write for antibiotics when unclear they are necessary. Approximately 80% of such cases are not treatable by antibiotics. In these situations, the immune system recognizes the infection, mounts a response, and the patient gets better. Meanwhile, the patient has been taking an antibiotic unnecessarily and attributes the resolution of their symptoms to the drug. EZC Pak is formulated based upon the best available evidence in its core components utilizing the highest quality ingredients and vegetarian capsules. EZC consists of the green E capsule, made of Echinacea purpurea and the tan ZC capsule, made of zinc and vitamin C. EZC Pak is to be taken more frequently initially and tapered off over 5 days. There is always one extra EZC left for future use. EZC Pak is a supplement and not a substitute for antibiotics when they are medically necessary. Whether you’re traveling, feeling a little under the weather, or looking for the doctor’s choice for immune support, make sure you have EZC Pak. Happiness is feeling better. Made in the USA.

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