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When I was growing up, Pound Puppies became popular and I just had to have one! We didn’t have the TV show back then but it’s still nostalgic and fun to watch these puppies come to life with my own daughter.

This new Pound Puppies DVD Puppy Love is out today, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Share the love with your kids and fur babies watching this fun DVD.

This DVD includes five episodes starring the furry friends and runs for just under two hours! I love DVD’s that are this length because my kids can usually watch the entire thing or we can break it down in episodes if we don’t have as much time.

I love the choices of voices matched with the dogs that just suit them perfectly. They are such a fun group of puppies and when I hear it without seeing it, I forget that they are puppies! They have such colorful personalities.

The Pound Puppies Puppy Love DVD is a must have for all the Pound Puppy fans!




About the DVD

Every boy and girl should know the undying love of a puppy. That’s exactly what the Pound Puppies are for! “A pup for every person and a person for every pup! “, That’s their motto and they mean it. Join the fearless leader, Lucky, and his crew (Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel) as they make it their mission to find homes for lonely dogs… and dogs for lonely humans!
Episodes Include:

Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine

McLeish Unleashed

The General

When Niblet Met Giblet

Rebound’s First Symphony

Watch the Clips

Rabies or Whipped Cream?

Toyoshiko the Robot Dog


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