How Working Moms Can Keep Childcare Costs Down

Being an entrepreneur costs a lot of money, even if your business doesn’t have a lot of overhead. Being a working mom who’s also an entrepreneur costs even more money – after all, you have to do something with the kid during the workday! Here’s how mom-preneurs can keep their business running while making sure their child is being adequately cared for, all without spending a zillion dollars a year. Bonus: You’ll save enough to get your little football fan gear from and you’ll be able to actually watch a game with them!

1. Let go of the “traditional” work day. Most entrepreneurs don’t work typical nine-to-five schedules – they start work early and end late, often exceeding eight hours in total. When you’re a parent, getting even eight hours of work done in a typical day is difficult. For two or three days a week, cut out a couple of hours of work mid-day and devote them to playing with your kid after school instead of hiring a sitter. Make up those few hours during the evening, when your little one’s snoozing away.

2. Be picky when it comes to after-hours networking events. You don’t have to attend anything and everything you’re invited to. Choose the ones that are the most useful for your business and skip the rest. Even attending two networking events a month is more than a lot of people do, so you’ll still be ahead of the game.

3. Try networking during the work day, when your kids are at daycare or in school. Replace Happy Hour mixers and networking dinners with 10 a.m. coffee meetings and working lunches. You’ll get all the networking in without spending extra hours when your kids are home.

4. Take advantage of virtual meetings and classes instead of attending them in person. The best part about online courses and seminars is that you can usually get a video or audio version of them if you miss out.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s practically impossible to take a non-working vacation within the first few years of business, let alone a day off. Planning for time off, whether it’s one day a week or an entire week (or month!) every year is possible, though. Be diligent with your schedule in order to fit everything in, from your mommy role to the CEO of your company.

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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