4 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Lose Weight

As any busy mom will attest, it’s difficult to get away from the home to workout. But, you don’t have to pound the gym to make sure that you are losing weight. In fact, there are some fun ways that you can lose weight and feel great. You don’t have to have an expensive gym membership. Nor do you have to hate the thought of exercising. But, implementing a new fitness regimen can be done with ease. What’s more, you will love it too!

Go Dancing!

Dancing is a great way of losing weight. Whether you want to go to rumba, salsa or ballroom dancing, make sure that you are losing weight and having a ball at the same time. Dancing is something that we all love. What’s more, it can make us feel sexy. You are sure to work up a sweat, but in the best possible way. Riding the imaginary bike to nowhere can make you feel defeated. So, dig out your disco pants and get dancing!

Jump Rope

As a mom, you will undoubtedly have a jump rope in your yard. Use it. The kids may not have as much fun out of it as you, but it’s an excellent way to lose weight and feel good. You don’t have to go fast; you can go at your own pace until you have worked up your cardiovascular strength. Plus, you only have to go outside into the yard to practice. Aim to do 30 minutes of jump rope per day. Increase the intensity to ensure that you are losing weight. Of course, you don’t have to do a full 30 minutes all in go. You can break it up into 10-minute bursts. The choice is yours.


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Get to a Local Boot Camp

Boot camp may sound terrifying, but if you need a helping hand with your weight loss regimen, a drill sergeant can help you! What’s more, you will get a chance to socialize. Many boot camps offer B12 injections for sale so that you can speed up your weight loss too. You can meet local mommies and make sure that you are making new friends. Put yourself through your paces and be encouraged to be the best you can be. You will be tired after a boot camp, but it’ll be worth it to look and feel fabulous.

Nature Walks (Or Any Walking!)

Walking is the best form of exercise. Plus, you can do it with the kids. If you are lucky enough to live in the country, take the kids on a nature walk. If you live in the city, join a walking tour. There is no excuse to not take up this form of exercise. You don’t invest in lots of equipment, and it’s free! If you want to up your walking game, start by ditching the car. Instead of using the car to take the kids to school, walk with them. Walk to the shops and leave the car at home. You don’t have to start power walking around the block. But, it can be a fun and failsafe way of ditching those last few pounds.





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