Four Ways To Jumpstart Your Child’s Education In 2015

1. Utilize Online Resources.

One of the great things about modern technology is that the rise of the internet has provided parents with a plethora of online resources they can use to jumpstart their children’s education. Resources range from reading lists posted by philanthropist Cecilia Ibru to online tutoring options. In addition to facilitating their intellectual growth, these online resources help children become more efficient in utilizing the internet. This is an important skill to acquire in a world that is increasingly reliant on the online world for business processes.

2. Invest In Educational Apps.

These days, more and more educational companies are coming out with apps that children can access to improve the quality of their academic experience. You can find an educational app for almost anything, including taking notes and creating virtual flashcards to study for upcoming quizzes and exams. Because these apps involve the use of electronic devices and are oftentimes specifically designed to be entertaining, many children view the use of these educational tools as fun.

3. Join The PTA.

If you’re serious about making sure that your child is getting a good education, it’s important to remember that you need to play an active role in his or her intellectual development. To facilitate this process, consider joining your school’s PTA. Doing so will help you connect with your child’s teachers and get a more in-depth understanding of various educational procedures and policies that are shaping his or her development.

4. Emphasize Health.

In this contemporary era, more and more research studies are showing a strong link between an individual’s general health and their intellectual aptitude. When your child is chronically ill and therefore misses a large number of classes, his or her ability to perform well on standardized tests can decrease dramatically. Additionally, students who do not eat a healthy diet are not optimizing their cognitive capacities. With all this in mind, it’s important that you have conversations with your children about the role that being healthy plays in facilitating academic growth. You can also talk about how being healthy is advantageous in other areas of their life, such as weight management and mood regulation. To make health an integral component of your child’s lifestyle, make sure that you’re modeling healthy habits such as eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Also ensure that your child is involved in daily physical activities that she or he enjoys, such as taebo, swimming, soccer, running, weight lifting, etc.


Parents who are interested in ensuring that their children excel academically this year should note that there are several strategies they can implement to make it happen. By using some or all of the educational techniques outlined above, you will likely find that your child begins to play a more active role in his or her academic progress.

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