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My Thoughts

I have been paying a lot more attention to my appearance lately. While eyelash curlers used to be something I didn’t bother with; they have now become a regular part of my beauty regimen.

I have super thin, puny lashes. I recently started using Younique mascara and now that my lashes look longer and thicker, I want to show them off!

The whole reason I stopped using curlers in the first place was because I got tired of pinching my eyelids or sometimes even my cheek where the bottom part rested. The Beauty Lashious mentioned Pinch Free right in the description so that definitely appealed to me.

My first impression was that they were lighter than I expected. For certain things like this, I do associate weight with quality. It seems that the thinner and lighter things are; the cheaper their quality. I was a bit skeptical based on this but again, the bottom line for me was effectiveness and painlessness!

When I went to use them for the first time I really liked the ergonomic feel and function of them. There is a place for your thumb to rest as well as the fingers you use to grasp it. This makes in comfortable and keeps the hands from cramping up.


I was able to curl my lashes without ever pinching them so that was my main requirement! Oh yes, AND they curled my lashes quickly and beautifully.

With references to my earlier observation about the quality concerns pertaining to weight; that remains to be seen. If you will notice on the image the statement “Lifetime Guarantee.” That means that they are confident enough in their product that it was last so now I am too! If I do have issues in the future, I know they will stand behind their product so there’s nothing to lose. The Beauty Lashious  eyelash curler is here to stay!






Product Description

Eyelash curlers capture lashes at the root for thick, fuller & more luxurious longer lasting curls
For the best, natural, pinch free curls – easy-squeeze, plastic handles- more comfortable than metal
Precision eyelash tool comes in 5 stunning colors so it matches your outfit, purse or cosmetic bag
Eyelashes curler features easy travel compact design – fits easily into your purse or makeup bag
Eyelash curler features handle-clip that keep pads from becoming soiled or damaged in your purse

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