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My Thoughts

I didn’t have a video baby monitor with my first two kids and I always wanted one! I feel like with Jax it’s even more important now that we’re in a bigger house where I can’t always hear him or might be in the back yard with my older two kids. The Easy @ Home Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor is exactly what I need to keep an eye and ear on him no matter where I am.

I am not that technical of a person so I always appreciate when something is really easy to set up and use without any complicated procedure or confusing instructions. Well they don’t call this Easy for nothing! It really is! It does come with a detailed user manual but it’s not even really needed. It’s more of a plug in and use type of thing!

I didn’t really have to do anything other than plug it in and turn it on! It was kind of hard for me to find a place in my sons room where I’d actually be able to see into the crib so I had to settle from across the room. At least this way I can see when he stands up and hear him all the time. I might try to find a way to get it on a high shelf next to his bed and pointed down at him after I find a really long extension cord!


I love that it comes with rechargeable batteries. With three kids I go through batteries like candy so I don’t need another device that requires regular disposable batteries; especially one that is used daily. I will never understand why things like this DON’T come with re-chargeables!


While I am sitting at my desk working I can keep it plugged in beside me and when I need to be around the house I just unplug and take it with me. It makes for a nice view and peace of mind to be able to just glance down when I’m typing and check on him!

IMG_7733The one thing I did have to look up was the VOX mode that I read about where it is voice activated and turns off when in this mode and re-activates when the baby makes a noise. This preserves the battery life. I think if you have a newborn you watch them more and keep an eye on their breathing and not just whether or not they are awake. For older babies like mine though, this mode is great because I basically just need to know when he’s up from his nap.

The range on this is 25 feet so I can carry it anywhere in my house and my front and back yard without losing the signal or having any interference. This is especially nice when I need to do yard work out front or watch my other kids play in the back. I can still watch my baby. I love technology!

Another really cool feature is the ability to communicate with him. Sometimes I can talk through the speaker and just the sound of my voice will sooth him. As he gets older I will also be able to tell him I hear him and will be there in a minute so he knows he’s not alone. What an amazing feature!

I also think it’ll be fun to use to scare my older kids! They are five and six so they don’t quite understand this kind of technology yet. It would be funny to speak to them through the speaker when I see them doing something they shouldn’t! While it might be a baby monitor it’s also nice to monitor older kids too!

I love the Easy @ Home Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor! It is so user friendly and works great throughout my whole house. I love the peace of mind it gives me!


Product Description

The Easy@Home EHB256 Digital Video Baby Monitor takes away your worries as you watch over your baby. This easy to set up baby monitor comes with a 3.5 Inch full color TFT screen. With a 2.4 GHz wireless FHSS encryption, this baby monitor provides high quality vision with secure transmission. With a range of 200 meters (656 ft.), you won’t be limited by distance as you monitor your baby throughout your home! A voice activation feature allows the unit to save energy unless sound is detected. Designed with user-friendly features and buttons, the EHB256 is built to help you!

– Watch your baby safe and sound anytime: 3.5-INCH Full Color TFT Screen and Infrared Night Vision for 25 Feet;
– Watch your baby anywhere from your home: 200m long range and 2.4Ghz Encryption and Hopping transmission for high privacy and low interference.
– Two Way communication to not only listen to your baby’s voice but also talk to your baby. Voice Activation (VOX) feature to save energy and reduce your anxiety. Also has music function;
– Voice, Brightness & Mode Adjustable for Parent Unit. Rechargeable NiMH Green Batteries for parent unit. Also, Pan, Tilt & Focus Adjustable camera lens for Baby Unit. Plug-and-Play, Simple set up.

Security with Clarity:
In order to maintain communication that is secure and clear, the EHB256 comes with a 2.4 GHz frequency and FHSS encryption technology. Switching between over 30 channels prevents unauthorized interference with the communication feed. This way, you will monitor with a richer video and audio experience.

3.5 Inch TFT Screen and Infrared Night Vision:
The 3.5 inch, full color TFT (thin film transistor) screen comes provides you with a vibrant display. The TFT screen provides superior resolution in flat panel technology along while using less electricity. The EHB256 has infrared night vision compatibility which reaches up to 25 feet of distance so that you will be able to see your baby throughout the evening as well!



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