Keep Your Furnace Functioning at Its Best

Dirt will put a furnace at risk for all kinds of problems and issues that can lead to the unit completely shutting down. When dirt builds up, it can cause overheating. It can affect the main components such as the filter system, motor, and blower. Regular maintenance allows the homeowner to keep the furnace running at its best.

One can start by replacing the heater filter at the start of the heating season. After that it should be change once a month. To inspect a filter, one needs to remove it and lift it up to the light. They will be able to see if it is clogged. If it appears dirty, it needs replaced with a filter of the same size and type. Filters can be found online at Your Filter Connection or at a local home improvement store.

The blower assembly, motor housing, and belts and pulleys need cleaned. If the furnace has a caged fan, it is crucial to keep it clean. Dirt can clog the blower and stop it from functioning properly. The blower can be cleaned by removing the cover panel on the front of the unit. This cover might be held on with hooks or screws. Blower access is attained by pulling out the fan unit. This is normally held on to a track with screws.

If the furnace is propane or natural gas it will burn cleaner than oil burners. The most common problems with a gas unit include difficulties with the pilot light or the electrical system. If a gas furnace isn’t working, it may be due to the pilot light going out. Pilot lights can go out simply from a draft. When relighting it, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In some instances there is an electrical system used to ignite the gas. In this case there would be no pilot light. Instead, the furnace is ignited by an electric element. If the electric system isn’t working properly, one should call a professional technician.

Checking each of these furnace parts as part of a regular maintenance program will allow the homeowner to keep their furnace running at its best. It also gives them an opportunity to trouble shoot problems that require professional assistance. Once clean, the furnace should be able to keep the home warm and comfortable.

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