Odie Think he’s in a Spa When I use this Dog Slicker Brush! #barkOutfitters



My Thoughts

Odie is our first family dog so he’s just a little bit spoiled! It’s almost like having a fourth child with potty training, feeding and deciding what toys and gear are needed and which are a waste of money.

We are lucky in that Odie has short hair and isn’t shedding a lot YET. However, I know that will change with the seasons and I do NOT want dog hair all over my house and clothes. It always grosses me out when I go to someone’s house and you can literally see hair in the air and on every surface. I am doing my spring cleaning right now and just the thought of hair everywhere makes me shudder.

That’s why I wanted to try the Dog Slicker Brush even though he’s not shedding yet. This will help to keep the shedding at bay so I’m using it every day before it becomes a problem. This brush claims to reduce shedding by 95%! It doesn’t hurt that Odie loves being brushed with it and thinks he’s getting a spa treatment!

The brush is easy to use like a normal brush but with a feature I really love and appreciate. The bristles itself which are metal and a little bit sharp are inside the brush and only come out when a button is pushed AND held down. As a mom with a baby I appreciate this because of course Jax sees me using it and wants to try. I can let him play with it without worrying about hurting himself or poking the dog in the eye!

Before Pushing Button

Before Pushing Button

After pushing Button

After pushing Button

The brushes aren’t straight and are a little bit angled so they’re really good at getting out any extra hair. When you are done, you can just let go of the button over a trash can so the hair falls out instead of it clogging up the brush.

I waited a long time to get a dog and one of the main reasons was the hair. With the Dog Slicker Brush I am happy to keep this problem at bay and spoil Odie just a little bit at the same time!






Product Description

★ STOP THE EMBARRASSMENT – The unsightly shame of fur all over your clothes and furniture. Our brush reduces Shedding By Up To 95% and more importantly reduce allergic airborne elements! Compare that to 30% with an average brush or comb.
★ YOUR DOG’S HEALTH – Bristles help stimulate the skin to promote healthy circulation and increase coat shine Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat. Used on Small, Medium Dogs, that have short, medium and long hair. Gentle on your dog. The special bristles are comfy for your dog but firm enough to get out the toughest tangles and mats. No discomfort, so your dog will LOVE getting brushed. Massages, allowing air to your pet’s skin and stimulating the release of healthy oils.
★ DESIGNED FOR COMFORT – The soft, un-breakable and ergonomic designed grip prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your dog. The one click fur-ejector allows you to quickly and easily remove shed fur.
★ SUPPORT PET SHELTERS – When you buy this brush we donate 10% of all the profits to no-kill shelters. Help us help the many abandoned animals waiting for someone to help. These donations help rescue animals from their abusers, provide need medical care, food, shelter and love.
★ ACT NOW – Sale Ends Soon. 5 Year Guarantee! Just contact us if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason and we will replace it or issue you a full refund.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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