My Favorite Animal: Cobras eBook Review #MyFavoriteAnimal


Lorinda’s Thoughts

My six year old son loves snakes and loved this eBook! The pictures in the eBook, My Favorite Animal: Cobras, were beautiful, bright, bold and amazing. I do not personally like snakes, but they are very interesting and beautiful creatures. This book displays them well.

My Favorite Animal: Cobras has great facts to really educate the readers and listeners on Cobras! I like that it has quizzes half way and at the end of the book to make sure comprehension is taking place while reading. It was a great read for my six year old and my two year old sat and listened too.

I think it is important for early readers to get their hands on as many books as they can. My six year old can ready fairly well. I like to keep challenging him and stretching him to see what he is capable of and to see how much he can grow of course)! I think the greatest way to help him grow is to keep reading new books! eBooks are great because you just download them fast, anytime and for cheap!

We do go to the library and check out books, we own a ton of books, we have subscriptions to online books, and we utilize it all! I think it is great to have books everywhere including on electronic devices. My Favorite Animal: Cobras was a great addition to our library of books to read and we cannot wait to read more eBooks in this series.

About the Book

Learn all about cobras in this informational picture book. Kids ages 4-8 will enjoy learning about cobras through beautiful photos, engaging text and fun questions to test comprehension throughout the book.

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