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I truly believe that old saying about “fail to plan; plan to fail” and while I know it to be true, I’m not so great at planning! Juggling three kids and working from home isn’t an easy feat. I feel like I’ve got tons of balls in the air at any given moment and whenever anything shifts, I drop them all.

Becoming a mom put me in a perpetual state of survival mode and I really want to get out of it! Now that my youngest is one and sleeping through the night, I feel like it’s time to get it together and get organized to re-gain control of the chaos.

I have seen all different kinds of planners out there but the 2015 Goals Calendar is really unique because of it’s emphasis on setting goals as well as the regular date/time scheduler you’d expect to find in a planner.

The first step was to go through the goal setting pages and set my goals. This isn’t an easy, do it real fast kind of thing. I really had to first thing about WHAT I wanted my goals to be. It’s not just short term goals either. There are 1 year personal goals as well as professional and then life purpose types of goals. I really like that it includes things like this because not ALL goals need to be professional.

be66af1638f0a05a672e06cc9b6b5e636f23f773A lot of people have just made their New Years Resolutions and maybe a goal is losing weight or organizing the house. Whatever it is; it takes dedication to achieve it as well as a plan. I like that this has you write down the steps it takes to get there. I found that just writing it down and thinking it out made me think more about HOW to achieve these goals than if I hadn’t written them down at all.

I think this planner makes you hold yourself accountable. When you give yourself specific goals, steps and deadlines, you are more likely to get there! The 2015 Goals Calendar is a great tool to take the steps needed to achieve your goals for the New Year!


Product Description


Or is your dream life still just…out…of…your…reach?

Living the life you were destined for is life’s ultimate prize. Tools4Wisdom wants to partner with you on that journey.

Our Planners help you accomplish not just what you have to do, but also what you want to do.

Lay out your week on each double page, with space to list the MAJOR outcomes you want, simple steps to achieve those outcomes and ideas to enhance your life, along with your appointments and reminders.

Like a great life coach, the Weekly Planner asks the right questions on every page, so you can unlock the answers that make your heart sing. Answering powerful questions helps reveal unexpected dreams you never knew you had.

Writing down your thoughts in our beautiful paper Planner also boosts your creativity: Scientific studies have proven that the act of writing by hand actually inspires new ideas! So the more you write, the more ideas will flow from your pen, and the sooner you and your destiny will meet.

Live the life you were destined for. Take small, manageable steps toward your dream every day with your Tools4Wisdom Weekly Planner.

At Tools4Wisdom we know that when you put your mind where your heart is, life comes into focus…

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