The Top Annoying People on Buy/Sell/Trade Sites: Sellers Edition #BuySellTrade #SellersEdition

Disclosure: This post was written based on real situations but the names were changed to protect the innocent, er..the guilty.

banner_buyselltrade copy_wmClearly I struck a cord with people on the types of folks that we deal with on these buy/sell/trade sites because that post went viral overnight! I focused on annoying buyers in my original Top Ten Post here  and I would be remiss to not mention the annoying sellers that are equally offensive. (Stay tuned for trade edition in the coming weeks). Without further ado:

The Top Ten Annoying Sellers.

1. Bump it Belinda

Belinda has been bumping the same items every day for the past seven months. I am so tired of seeing them daily that I’m ready to buy them myself just to make them go away! Bump off Belinda. Nobody wants them.

2. Skip Over Sue

When I see an item I want, I’ll say “interested” even if I see other people in front of me. Why? Because people are flaky and sometimes I do end up getting these things I didn’t think I had a shot at. It never fails though that when there are multiple people expressing interest, Sue decides who she’s going to sell it to instead of going in order interest was expressed. It’s clear you got skipped over for a friend and they don’t even try to hide it in a PM like normal shady people do. It looks a little something like this.

Donna: Interested

Susan: Next

Me: Next

Vicky: Next

Donna: Never mind found another one.

SOS: Susan you’re up.

Susan: Pass

SOS: Vicky do you want this?

Me: SOS I was actually next…

Vicky: Yes! I can pick it up tomorrow after moms group. I’ll see you then!

SOS: Great maybe we can get coffee again after.

Vicky: Oh yea that was so fun! Let’s do it!

Me: Hello? Bueller?

4. Stickler Sandy

Sandy will not budge an inch no matter how ludicrous her ad is. She posts five different random things that aren’t even in the same category. Her ad looks like this.

Lot of five items: breastfeeding cover, soccer cleats size 2 youth, vtech crawl ball, girls costume size 11 and wipe warmer. All in EUC, $30 Firm, will not separate. Must buy lot together.

Me: I am really interested in the Vtech toy for my baby but don’t need the other items. Will you separate?

SS: No. You must buy the entire lot.

Me: I really don’t need soccer cleats and I’m done breastfeeding but I love the toy. Any way you will reconsider?

SS: You WILL buy them all or nothing at ALL!

5. Overpriced Olivia

Olivia thinks that this is Target and wants full price or more for her used items. Olivia wants $75 for a two year old Leap Pad 1 when I just bought one at Walmart for $49 AND it’s the latest version. Now I don’t butt in and tell Olivia she’s out of contact with reality because I don’t need that online mama drama but I admit I get a little giddy when someone else does.

Caitlyn: $75 for a two year old Leap Pead? Is that price correct?? I’m assuming it’s a typo because I can get a brand new one for $50!

OPO: I paid $100 for this. $75 is a STEAL.

Caitlyn: But it’s two years old and two versions ago. I can get the latest for $50 brand new!

OPO: Price is FIRM. This is a great deal!

6. Overzealous Octavia

Octavia’s very excited about what she’s selling and she really missed her calling in sales. Her ad goes a little something like this.

Wonderful, magnificent, beautiful princess dress. This dress is AMAZING. The rhinestones shine! The tulle shimmers! Your little princess will feel like she rules the castle in this darling design. It will literally change her life the moment she slips into it and feels the satin on her skin. Everyone will want to be her. They will bow down when they see her coming. It’s only a matter of time until Prince Charming shows up at your door.

7. Cross Posting Chrissy

Chrissy is going to sell this item by golly if it’s the last thing she does! To ensure her success she posts the same ad to all seven of her buy/sell/trade sites.  She tells you someone else was first but how do you really know unless you are a part of all these sites and have time to stalk her ads?

Me: Interested

CPC: I have three people ahead of you.

Me: I don’t see any other comments….

CPC: Oh it was on another site. You commented at 12:37 and one commented at 12: 22, another at 12:31 and another 12:36:58 so they’re ahead of you. I’ll PM you if they pass.

Yea, because that’s going to happen.

8. Dissed You Deidra

Deidra agrees to sell something to you for said price and you decide on a time and place to meet. Deidra doesn’t show up. Deidra doesn’t answer your messages. Deidra ignores you tagging her on Facebook. Deidra is posting other things so you know she’s alive and well but isn’t responding to you. Deidra dissed you.

9. Misrepresenting Mariah

Mariah repackages a used item and calls it new. You buy it even though the price is fairly high because it’s “new.” You pick it up, get it home, take it out of the box and it has four stains and a hole in it. You message Mariah.

Me: I opened the box and it has four stains on it and a hole in it. You said this was new.

MM: I don’t see how that’s possible. It’s brand new.

Me: It’s clearly not new.

MM: It’s brand new.

Me:  Repeating “it’s new” over and over again does not make it so.

MM: Ok so maybe he wore it ONCE but it’s basically brand new.

Me: Did he have ice cream, red Kool Aide and syrup while wearing it that ONE time?

MM: I’m sorry he really only wore it once.

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. That’s how my five year old handles being caught in a lie too. Lie, lie, lie, slightly modify the lie, lie some more.

10. Grammatically Incorrect Georgia

Georgia’s ad makes me literally cringe. I’m not perfect and I’m sure as some are reading this they are quickly scanning for mistakes. I’m sure you will find a few and gleefully tell me about them so congrats on that. But it will not look nearly as bad as Georgia’s post.

This used too be my older sons but he don’t need it no more. I would of gived it to my other son but he just turnt too and does not like it. Their is nothing wrong with it.

10. Switcharoo Sarah

Sarah posts a picture of something you want and posts the store photo instead of the actual one and you go to pick it up. She even meets you there, on time! Yay finally a smooth transaction! She hands you the item that is nothing like the picture.

Me: This isn’t the one I wanted.

SS: Oh but it’s the exact same thing.

Me: No, the other one was blue and this is pink and I have a boy.

SS: It’s the same thing. Do you want it?

Me: No, I try not to dress my son in pink. Thanks anyway….

Honorable Mentions

There are just too many of these people to fit in ten groups so here are my honorable mentions.

Junkyard Julie

Julie posts things that look like they came from the junk yard and like Bump it Belinda she bumps it every day, pushes it hard like Overzealous Octavia and posts it everywhere like Cross Posting Chrissy so you have to see the junk multiple times a day.

TMI Tiffany

Tiffany is always in crisis. She’s has a rough life. That’s why she needs to sell all her stuff and all her man’s stuff. Unfortunately, she can’t do it without telling you TMI about her story.

This was my babies but now I’m getting divorced and my ex bought him a new one for his room in the house that he shares with his NEW girlfriend that he left me for after he SWORE he wasn’t cheating on me. His new pad is on the second story and will be really hard to get up the stairs so I can’t use it anymore. It’s hard for me to get up the stairs too since my surgery and with no one to help me anymore. I lost my job because of it and now I’m just flat out broke. I could really use some help.

Selling for Friend Franny

I don’t understand Franny or her friend. Is there are a reason her friend can’t do it herself? These really aren’t exclusive groups that are hard to get into. Sell your own stuff friend of Franny! It never fails that it will become a complicated transaction because of the third party involved.

Me: I want to buy this. When can I pick up?

SFFF: I’m selling for a friend. Let me check with her and get back to you

Me two days later: Any word Franny?

SFFF: Oh she’s out of town and won’t be back until Tuesday. I will try to get ahold of her then.

Me the following Wednesday: Did you hear from her Franny?

SFFF: She’s really super busy right now. Can we get back to you in a couple of days?

Cost Changing Charity

You have been keeping an eye on Charity’s post for a while now. You really want it but the price is way too high. One day you see she lowered it by $10 for someone else. That person bails and the sale doesn’t go through so you jump in and contact Charity since it’s finally at a price you can afford. You go to pick it up and she wants the original price.

Me: You lowered it by $10 and that’s why I decided to buy it.

CCC: That price was for the other person.

Me: I only agreed to buy it because of the lowered price.

CCC: Sorry, I’m going to need the full amount.

Secretive Sarah

Sarah wants to sell you something but she wants it to remain as mysterious as possible. Shhhhh. Her post usually says “PM for price.” Is the price a matter of national security? Is there a reason we all can’t know the price? I’m sure this is some kind of tactic to get people to buy it but it has the opposite effect on me. Bye bye Sarah. Your secret is safe with YOU!

Have you had bad experiences with sellers not mentioned in one of the people above? Tell me about them and you just might see them added to my honorable mentions! Don’t forget to check out the Top Ten Annoying Buyers!


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The IE Mommy

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  1. I always wonder about the “I have too many of these brand new items” posts. (such as cosmetics, costume jewelry, socks, clothing and DVD/games – with the tags still on) Are they stolen? Should I be asking to see the receipt to make sure I’m not helping someone rip off a local business? An the latest drama on my local site is someone posting that her sister did not have permission to sell all her stuff …really I think I stay on for the drama more than any thing else. It’s like a soap opera out there!

  2. The people who sell 1/2 full bottles of shampoo, lotion etc. WHY? I can go to Wal Mart too. Are people really buying these things????

  3. These are great. The ones I hate to see posted are, “I need it gone today” Or “its in my way I need it gone”
    Its not up to us to buy it just because you need it gone.
    I try to put location, description and price. Yes and I still get, “Where are you located, How much…”

    • Even better when they say it needs to be gone today or will be donated to charity. But you want how much money? And you won’t just take any offer?

      • So true Trish! And what’s funny is the post isn’t gone in a day. You BETTER get it now or it will be donated. Is that a threat? I think I need to find a way to ad this to the honorable mentions! It happens a lot!

  4. Sheila Hagen says:

    #10. is one of my all time peeves! I am such a grammar nazi that, even if it’s something I REALLY need, I will not buy it from someone who is clearly illiterate. Another one is the seller who posts a picture of a dirty mattress that is collapsed against a wall and says “Full sized mattress. Only slightly used. A little dirty from storage.” Translation: Full sized, kinked in the middle mattress. Only used while in college. Slight vomit odor. A little dirty from being on the garage floor for 3 months and driven over every day. Seriously???? C’mon people. Clean your crap up. Don’t try to sell me your dust/dirt/caked on food. Clean the damn thing so someone MIGHT want to buy it!

  5. OurFamilyWorld says:

    Why can’t people just know how to post the item and a clear price and description and be done with it. Most groups bump rule is after 48 hours. You think someone would get the hint their item isn’t selling after like as week of bumping!

  6. This posting made me giggle because there are a few offenders like this in my local yard sale group. I’m just glad someone posted something like this!

  7. I hate the people who don’t post a price with their items. They don’t post OBO either. Then as people ask the price they PM the answer. Ugh! Just tell me how much you want so I know whether or not I can afford it!

    • Oh yes Annette! I’m going to add that one right now. I can’t believe I forgot about Secretive Sarah! check back under my honorable mentions! 🙂

  8. Yikes, I don’t think I have the patience to deal with even one of those. Haha!

  9. I do not use the sites you are talking about here. I did enjoy reading the descriptions o fthe various sellers. It was quite entertaining.

  10. Oh my gosh!! This is so funny and so true! Everyone thinks they have the greatest “stuff”!

  11. I try to avoid groups like this. I just donate or sell things without this hassle. You are so not the first to tell me how terrible it can be! LOL

  12. I love this post. It is so true. There are so many different personality types when you enter the world of buying and selling.

  13. How about Fake Fay who tries to sell knock off brand name merchandise as if it were the real deal. She plays like she has been taken for a fool if called out about the fake item. If not called out she will quietly hand over the fake and walk away. If the buyer tries to contact Faye to complain they find they are blocked.

  14. Too funny – you are so right! Some of the things for sale are so nasty! I often wonder – does the person NOT see that this is junk.

  15. They all sound so darn annoying. It’s amazing that there are so many like this that they become archetypes of the online trading world.

  16. This is hilarious! I love the Overpriced Olivias! Why put someone on one of those sites for more expensive than it is in stores!?

  17. I can just laugh on this. Perfect post.

  18. I think I’ve dealt with most of these people before! Hilarious post – until you actually have to work with them!

  19. My MIL is overpriced Olivia. She wanted $20 for two dogs that were very well worn and cry. My daughter had $5. She wouldn’t take it. Grandpa overheard and bought them for $20. Since grandma and grandpa really have the same money, lolol, Overpriced Olivia, I mean grandma, was not very happy. She’s crazy with selling. Just plumb crazy. I steer clear. 😉

  20. This is hysterical! You really did peg the personalities so well. I mainly run into the people who think their stuff is the as good as new and want full price.

  21. Oh Cross Posting Chrissy drives me crazy! It is really annoying to have people do that.

    • I know Kelly I wish there were a way to regulate that!

      • Stephanie L. says:

        My best friend’s kid broke my cell phone. Boy did I think I was lucky the next day when I found my dream phone for only $100…contacted the seller seemed like a sure pick up my husband even got overzealous not being experienced in these boards and ordered me a case..was getting ready to go pick it up reminded her I needed the address and received the reply 45 minutes later, “oh sorry forgot I posted this on multiple sites just got picked up my bad it’s OK right?” OMG no it is not okay I hate you so much I want terrible things to happen to you… But of course I just typed “K”

      • OMG Stephanie that is awful!I do the same thing as you with my response but I really want to go off!

  22. Boy these are so true! I find many out there that overcharge shipping and sell super low but really in the long run you are not getting any good deals.

  23. these sound like interesting people. Makes me nervous when I Post things to sell or buy.

  24. Wow, I have come across a lot of those people. They make it difficult to buy things online.

  25. These cracked me up. I haven’t had much experience but these all sound so annoying. HA! Thanks for sharing

  26. I’ve read both bst lists and they are so true! Love these! Have you down a garage sale version? Those are some characters too! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today. 🙂

  27. Your posts are killing me! OMG! I love this so much. I especially love the sellers that get items for free by couponing or buy Black Friday specials and post the NEXT DAY. Really? Could you at least wait until December? Pretend like you got one too many or something?! Love this post. Tweeting it too.

  28. Another one I find funny is the person selling some really old version of something that originally cost let’s say $30, and they have come out with new better versions, but with the ad they post a link/screen shot of Amazon selling their same item for $75 (and it’s not available and only this price bc it’s old)- and then says their selling this old beat up one for $45 and its a steal bc it’s on Amazon now for $45. And can’t understand why it’s not selling- bumping every day and firm. I run into that one a lot!

  29. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I hate when people try to sell used stuff for practically the same price as you can get it for brand new. Some people need to think before they post stuff.

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