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My Thoughts

If there’s one thing my five year old daughter Paige loves in this world; it’s dollhouses! She loves to collect all different kinds and her room is basically wall to wall dollhouses. You would think that would somehow lessen the excitement of getting a new one but not for Paige! She was just as excited about this Murielle City Dollhouse as she was about her very first.


This dollhouse is a little different in a few ways. Like most dollhouses, it comes in a box and needs to be assembled. For her, I think this was actually a huge part of the fun. Most things that have to be put together require a parent but she helped me do a lot of this herself. She did almost all of the accessories without help.

The directions were very easy to use and understand which I always appreciate. I need pictures AND words to put something together and this had both.

There aren’t that many of the really large parts. There are just a lot of little accessory pieces. Paige got to work on that while I did the main house.


It was fairly simple to put together. The only difficulty I encountered was the top portion where I was connecting more than one wall to the roof section. It was so thick that it was really hard to snap in the connecting pieces.

I did like that no tools were required and it stayed together pretty solid once it was all done, even though it was basically just cardboard and some plastic snaps. Our end result came out like the picture even though I know it’s not completely stable because the top snaps wouldn’t stay in place. The good thing is, it’s not going to hurt anyone if it falls over or comes apart.


Paige added a few of her dolls because it doesn’t come with any and has been playing with it non stop since she got it and I even caught baby Jax trying to play with it a few times! Since it is cardboard, it’s easily knocked over so if it’s a really little one I’d suggest leaning it against something for support.


I’m not going to lie. Even though all three of my kids love and play with this dollhouse, I wasn’t thrilled with the quality! It is nice laminated material which is fine for the house itself but the accessories are quickly being destroyed one by one. Because of their size they just aren’t as sturdy as the house.

However, this never bothers Paige. Even with her wooden dollhouses the accessories are usually destroyed, lost or end up in another house. I have found other parts from houses inside of this one.

The thing that I do love that makes it worth it is the eco friendliness of the company and everything they make. When I find a piece torn or broken on the floor I just throw it in the recycler! It makes me feel better about throwing it away and not as wasteful. I really wish that all companies considered this when making toys.

The other thing I noticed and really like is all of the attention to detail. Both the front and the back have everything a normal house would have and that makes for really realistic play for my kids.

184276fce3395615eb4d0e53326d7d6b87a61b19970b33a60ea8f6903c6d450d0df16cffb5786365I don’t think the Murielle City Dollhouse is top quality but it’s good enough and I appreciate that Kroom is a company that considers the environment in it’s toys. My kids love it and play with it daily so it’s definitely been more of a hit with them.




Product Description

The Murielle city house is decorated like true family house, Furnished with colorful
pieces. The dollhouse has 3 levels and five rooms. The Beautiful play mat creates
two sides of play- Street and yard. Every detail was carefully designed to provide
hours of fun, imaginative play.
Slide and stack the durable pieces together to form a sturdy and secure home. The
reinforced, laminated printed boards are high quality, built to last and eco-friendly
too. Once they’re together, the home is secure and ready for lasting play!
Slide around to the back to see five rooms full of delightful details. Kids slide
together the sturdy furniture for dollhouse use! Walls are printed with pleasing
graphics, shelves hold books. See dressers, lamps, sink, fridge, cupboards, shower,
wall art and more.
Enjoy the fresh air on the patio, comfortable chairs, table, lounge and umbrella. Hop
in the tub for a quick wash, climb up the loft ladder, nap in a bunk bed, or sit on
the couch with company. Creativity, logic and excitement are at home in this 3-story
dwelling. The printed board playmate features a sidewalk, patio stones and grass.
Assemble a lamppost to light the way and take a seat on the bench to watch the
bustling city.

Product size:
40 X 51 X 51 cm
15.7” X 20″ X 20”

About Kroom

We create beautiful design to inspire eco awareness.

It’s playtime – swap the high-tech electronic tablets with a timeless classic loved by children of all generations! The versatile cardboard playsets are updated and upscaled with krooom’s wonderful creations!

From glamorous fairytale-themed castle to classy dollhouses, and from innovative space missions to wicked pirate ships, the fun-filled playsets are brimming with wonderful and unique stories only your little ones and their imaginative minds can think of! Join in the play and who knows what adventures await…

Awesome fun aside, the sets are eco-friendly too. 100% recyclable, the sturdy, laminated cardboard are made of at least 60% post-consumer paper, and are coated with waterproof coating so they can stand any spill accidents (think milk, juice, or drools)! A toy that is safe and fun

Since 2006, Krooom design and manufacture products made
out of Laminated Printed Board. The breakthrough concept and
products are tailored to the 21st century lifestyle; Striking the
perfect balance between sustainability and outstanding design.
Our innovative design and rigorous production process creates
exceptionally durable cardboard based products that are both
extremely sturdy and lightweight.
All products are coated with waterproof coating, require no
tools for assembly, 100% recyclable and made out of at least
60% post consumer paper.
Patented techniques and folding methods, developed over
a course of 3 years, provides the products with tremendous
strength and appearance.

Environmental responsibility-
We use responsibly sourced paper and cardboard to create our products.
The board we use for the construction of our toys is made of at least 60 % post-consumer material and it is 100% recyclable.
Replacing virgin fiber with post consumer recycled fiber is far more than an ongoing process when producing our board plates, it is our mission.

Use of water based glue and hazardous free coating material, our product life cycle and the environmental impact of our product are areas of particular concern.
All materials used in the making of a Krooom toy, are tested and certified by registered independent testing facilities.

Connect with Kroom

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