Keep Your Hands Warm AND Cute With these Portollano Winter Gloves! #OrangeGloves


My Thoughts

While I do live in sunny Southern California, we tend to get cold winters where I live! We’ve already had snow once this year so sometimes I really have to bundle up! I usually just avoid the gloves because they can be some cumbersome! I have three kids. Usually the gloves aren’t on long until I have to remove them to help a child with something!

The thing I really liked about these cute orange gloves, aside from the cute and orange part; is that they are really thin! I can leave them on to help my kids and not feel like these bulky gloves are just getting in the way.

The bad thing about them being thin is they aren’t as warm as the thicker kind. For me though, it works. They keep me warm enough that I’m not uncomfortable and they keep my hands flexible and free to do all the things mommies have to do!

I’m constantly tying shoes, zipping pants, taking off and putting on outerwear etc. It’s nice to be able to do those things without seeing the usual mom pose of a glove pulled off, holding between her teeth to juggle her duties.

The Portollano orange gloves are a great color that’s in style right now and give me just the right amount of warmth without sacrificing the ability to use my hands!






Product Description

100% Polyster Cashmere Look
Portolano Womens High Fashion Winter Gloves Highest Quality Gloves since 1895
Perfect for the UT University of Tennesee Vols Fan – Tennesee Orange
Finger length sized specifically for women
Designed for superior warmth and comfort
Special Amazon only discount price




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