We Spruced up Jax’s Room with Momma & Baby Elephant Decals! #BobeeFan @BobeeInc #BobeeInc


My Thoughts

I have always loved elephants, ever since I was a little girl. I had a stuffed elephant that my Grandma made me that had a really long trunk. I would hold the trunk up to my face when I sucked my thumb for comfort. Naturally elephants becomes my favorite animal. When I had my own children, I really wanted to do their rooms in elephants. Unfortunately when I had my first two I couldn’t find anything I liked with an elephant pattern.

Fast forward several years to Jax and I found the perfect blue and brown bedding set for him!

IMG_7413I found a couple wooden animals to hang on the wall but there was this one naked corner of the room that bothered me.

IMG_7414When I saw the Bobee Momma & Baby Elephant Decals I instantly fell in love with them! First of all, a momma and baby is just adorable! AND they are a light blue color so matched Jax’s room perfectly.

The decals came with detailed instructions but it all comes down to peel and stick! I liked that I had to peel off two sides unlike most of these kinds of wall decals. I pulled off one side and stuck it on the wall where I wanted it before removing the other.

IMG_7415Sadly when I pulled them off the baby’s tail broke off but the good thing about wall decals is I just stuck it back on! Just be very careful when removing the backing and hold on to it with your other hand so you don’t peel it right off like I did!


I was curious to see how well these would stick because I have tried other decals that literally fell off minutes after putting them on. We do have textured paint so I know that has something to do with it but these have held strong for several weeks so I know it has more to do with the quality of the decals themselves.

At $12.99 I think these are a little more than I’ve paid for others considering there are just two elephants BUT with wall decals you get what you paid for. These are the only ones still on my wall so that says something!

I was a little bummed they didn’t pop and show up as well as I’d hoped but they are light blue and my walls are a pretty dark shade of tan. I probably should have gotten a darker color but overall I’m really happy with the way the Bobee decals look and with their quality.





Product Description

Elephant Wall Decals for your home take minutes to install and are easier than Painting

Vinyl wall decals take only minutes to install without the mess of time-consuming home projects like painting or installing wallpaper. The Bobee elephants are cute and fun for your nursery, boys or girls room, family room and more!

Installation directions are easy and take just minutes to install. And Bobee’s decals are easily removable should you want to change up your décor, simply and affordably.

Stop staring at your blank walls, Sign up for our promotion and get your elephant decals today! We can’t wait to work with you!

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