Jump Your Way to Good Health with the Boson Sport- Jumpe Rope! Review #JumpeRope


My Thoughts

I haven’t had a jump rope since I was a kid! I remember it very well. It was red and white beads! You remember the long beads that if you had the misfortunate of being smited with would leave a welt on you the size and length of the bead itself! Jumping rope was a dangerous thing back in the day. I remember it being all about fun though. Little did I know at the time I was getting amazing exercise and doing wonderful things for my heart by doing cardio.

Since my last jump rope was thirty something years ago, I was in awe of the Boson Sport Jumpe Rope! What an upgrade! First of all, it’s much much cuter!


I didn’t plan this but I do like that the little pop of blue matches my tennis shoes, which also happen to have grey as the main color. Hey, matching your accessories obviously isn’t a requirement for working out but it doesn’t hurt to feel cute when you’re doing it!

The rope itself is amazing! The handles are super soft so your hands won’t hurt after gripping them for a while, unlike my old school beaded rope that was hard plastic.


This rope is also adjustable! I have never even heard of such a thing but it makes sense since people come in all different shapes and sizes! Why shouldn’t it be customizable? There is a diagram on the back of the box it comes in to show you what height you should cut it to which is about shoulder height, and then how to cut it and reattach the handles so it’s just your size!

The weight of the rope is perfect. It’s super lightweight so you don’t even feel like you’re holding anything but the rope itself is heavy enough to go around without issue.


This is such a great way to do cardio and bring your back to your childhood at the same time! You almost feel like it’s just for fun and you forget for a while that it’s actual exercise. That is until the sweating and heavy breathing kicks in!

The Boson Sport Jumpe Rope is a great quality rope that I have mixed into my fitness routine and I love that my own little girl now loves it too. It is after all, part of the magic of childhood!




Product Description

Would you like something more than usual? If you like, we have solution. Choose the perfect jump rope!

Discover the secret of getting perfect body, be fit and healthy.
Your goals are our tasks, so that is why we offer you the best type of jump rope. Try it!

The Features of Boson sport – jump rope

Easily adjust to your height – just few seconds.
Lightweight & comfortable – you will enjoy, amazing workout.
Designed for speed and strength training – for beginners, WOD’s, Cross Fitness Training…
Nice design – soft-grip handles.

Perfect for losing weight!!!


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