Keep it Simple with the VMK 12 volt Portable Air Pump Review and #Giveaway #VMKINNOVATIONS


My Thoughts

Air pumps are something we use surprisingly more than I would have ever imagined in my house! From flattened bike tires to air mattresses when camping and all the blow up toys you’d imagine a family of five has!

The one we’ve been using for years is kind of complicated so I always have to ask my husband to do it. Since he works a lot and I’m a stay at home mom, we pretty much have opposite schedules. I’ve had times where we couldn’t use or do something because he wasn’t home to fix or inflate it for us. Well no more of that! The VMK 12 volt was simple enough for me to figure out and use on my own!

One of the feature I also love is that you can DEFLATE your items when you are done! I don’t think our other pump does this but I can’t be sure because I could never figure out how to use it! This is especially handy with things like air mattresses! We do a lot of camping and having something that will deflate my mattress instead of the usual sitting, pushing and jumping on top of it is incredible!

The other thing that really sets it apart is the attachments it comes with AND the fact that they can be stored ON the pump. I don’t understand why ALL attachments aren’t made this way. I mean a lost attachment is as good as NO attachment.


This portable air pump also has a convenient carrying handle, this the word portable in the description.

I love the convenience and ease of use this pump has. Anything that I’m able to use myself without help is worth buying in my opinion. Now that I know you want one, go ahead and enter the Giveaway below to get your own OR click on the Amazon link to order.



Product Description

Victor M. Kasatshko, independent published inventor and exclusive distributor of the VMK 12 volt Portable Air Pump for inflatables offers to outdoors people:

The patented 12 volt air pump with built-in cord storage.
A very powerful pump for air beds, pool toys, towable boat toys, and the ever-popular seasonal (inflatable) yard decorations.
We proudly make available to qualified bloggers the VMK Air Products 12 volt pump rated at 4.8 Stars of 109 Amazon reviews with an MSRP of $49.99.


Win a VMK 12 Volt Portable Air Pump


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

I am a stay at home mom of three; ages 7, 6 and 1! I love doing product reviews and finding the best things to use for my family. Reading and writing have always been my passions so this allows me to incorporate them with the things that mean the most to me!
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  1. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I always regret not having one when blowing up big pool toys, or kiddie pools. This would be perfect for blowing up the birthing pool when the time comes!

  2. Rebecca Parsons says:

    We have a foot pump for our air mattress. At my brother’s house when we visit we have to use our foot pump and have woke up my nephew because of it.

  3. When we needed air on a kids swimming pool and floater.

  4. Katie Bellamy says:

    When we go to the beach and want to blow up our floaties!!

  5. We were going on a trip to drop my daughter off at camp and had completely forgotten about our tires. They weren’t flat, but they weren’t completely filled with air. This would have been really useful at that point.

  6. I wish I had one of these when I was trying to filling up air mattresses with a hand pump.

  7. I have needed them for air matresses and recently i needed one for a hippity hop and i had to go to the gas station

  8. Holly Thomas says:

    We borrowed one when we went swimming at a lake, bit it would have been better to have our own.

  9. James Robert says:

    I recently had the issue when the kids had an air mattress and we had nothing to blow it up with except doing it ourselves

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