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My Thoughts

Most babies have a lovey; a special blanket, stuffed animal or toy that is their best friend and comfort in times of need. Jax has both a blankie he loves and a pacifier that has a stuffed animal attached to it.

While I love his baby blankie; I wish it weren’t a full sized blanket! It’s not very convenient to take with us places and he drags it on the floor like Linus when he walks! While this is quite frankly absolutely adorable; it’s not very sanitary. Because of excessive washing his blankie already shows a lot of wear and tear and he’s only one!

When I saw the Lovey from Baby Jack & Co I thought, that’s exactly what he needs! It is a fraction the size of his regular blankie but has the same soft “nubs” I call them that he likes to rub with his fingers. Babies are very tactile and touch is such a huge part of development in the infant stage. Whenever I go to get Jax from his crib he is holding his blankie and just rubbing his fingers on the edges. He also does this to go to sleep.

IMG_7524Another texture that Jax has loved from the time he could grasp things was the silky stuff! The reverse side of the blanket is silky soft much like the edge of his current blanket so I was happy to see it combined his two favorite textures. It’s just another of the several textures found on the tabs of this lovey. Others include, ribbed, ruffled and little bit rougher corduroy.

In addition to great textures, there are also bright colors featured which are also great for grabbing babies attention. And while they are taking it all in, there are some letters and numbers that they obviously can’t read but can start to become familiar with seeing. I have to say this is the first lovey I’ve seen that I would consider to have educational elements to it.


It also takes into consideration some logistical things like newborn babies that might not yet be able to grasp it OR older babies (like mine) that might be in the habit of throwing it and then crying because it’s gone. There is a great hook much like those found hanging from carseat toys for you to attach it to a car seat or crib or swing even.

IMG_7528The one unfortunate thing about this lovey is I may have gotten it too late! Jax just turned one and is pretty attached to his current blankie. What I’ve started to do is put it in his crib with him when I give him his blankie to go to sleep in the hopes that he will eventually replace one with the other. He does pick it up and play with it and will snuggle it like his blankie so there is hope!


This one is called the ABC 123 Educational Square and runs just $27.95 which is less than what I paid for his blankie that has already fallen apart on me. If you don’t love the design, they have lots of adorable ones to choose from! Here are a few.

Boxy Violet 14x18 Lovey

Boxy Violet 14×18 Lovey


I think this would make a super cute baby shower gift since it’s something all babies will connect with. Even if doesn’t become their main special lovey, they will enjoy playing with it like Jax does!




Product Description

Kids of all ages love our lovey. It’s a perfect first and forever security blanket that can grow with a child and encourages early learning with basic shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Accented with educational ribbons sewn shut for safety, this unique design ensures that little fingers do not get intertwined in ribbon loops. The variety of textured ribbons encourage tactile play. Children develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory interaction.

Each product comes with a teething toy link to clip to strollers, car seats and / or baby carriers. Toy links are non toxic and BPA free

Top fabric is microfiber polyester paired with minky aqua fleece textured backing.


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The IE Mommy

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  1. I like the aqua pink owls lovey!

  2. I like the ABC 1,2,3 educational blanket

  3. Natalie Brown says:

    Hi! These are such a neat idea! I would choose the Boxy Pink Lovey. Cute! Thank-you for this chance!!

  4. The fire truck pattern would be perfect,thanks

  5. Katie Klein says:

    The polka dot green and brown.

  6. I would choose the giraffe spots lovey.

  7. I would probably choose the Giraffe Spots 14×18 Lovey

  8. I liked the elephant. My son has elephants for everything, and when my daughter was his age, she had all giraffes.

  9. James Robert says:

    I am entering for my cousin expecting her baby soon but I like the Giraffe Spots 14×18 Lovey. Guess I would have to ask the Mommy

  10. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Yellow Circles 14×18 Lovey is so cute and colorful

  11. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I would choose the Boxy Blue 14×18 Lovey

  12. Natalie Perry says:

    I liked the yellow circles one the most.

  13. All of them are so cute but I’d probably pick the Yellow Circles 14×18 Lovey! Thanks for the chance!

  14. TERRY MAIGI says:

    I love the Chevron Yellow Gray design! So cute!

  15. Melissa K says:

    I would choose the yellow circles 14×18. I love how the colors pop! Looks fun and gender neutral.

  16. Rebecca Xavier says:

    If I win, I would choose the chevron blue grey lovely.

  17. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d probably choose the Chevron Yellow Gray 14×18 Lovey if I won!


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