The Top 10 Annoying People on Buy/Sell/Trade Sites #SpringCleaning #BuySellTrade

Disclosure: This post was written based on real situations but the names were changed to protect the innocent, er..the guilty.


I know we have all been there! We do a little spring cleaning and have all kinds of things to get rid of. Why give or throw it away when you can make some money on the buy/sell/trade sites that are so popular? Well, because sometimes…it’s not just not worth dealing with the annoying people!

Here is a typical ad like many I’ve placed that I will use for an example.

Baby boy lot of ten outfits, size twelve months in EUC. No stains, tears, rips or fading. Beaumont porch pick up. No holds over 48 hours. $20 Firm. 

Here are the 10 types of annoying people I have run into.

1. Low Ball Lucy

We all know Lucy. She doesn’t even see or acknowledge the word FIRM and won’t take no for an answer! The conversation usually goes a little something like this.

LBL: “Will you take $10?”

Me: “No, price is firm.”

LBL: “What’s the lowest you will go?”

Me: “$20 is FIRM!”

LBL: “Will you take $15?”

Me: “Still firm at $20.”

LBL: “What about $16?”

2. Change Only Chelsea

I don’t know where Change Only Chelsea works but she just goes around with rolls of change and refuses to give you anything in denominations less than a big ole’ pile o’ change!

She leaves you $20 in 75 quarters, 5 nickels, 50 pennies and 10 dimes in an envelope not thick or sturdy enough to hold it all with money spilling out and dropping everywhere the second you pick it up.

3. Late Leslie

Late Leslie can’t show up on time to save her life. She’s not late just once. She’s ALWAYS late.

LL: “I will be there at 1:00.”

Me: At 1:15 “Are you still coming.”

LL at 2:00: “Oh my car broke down and my daughter is sick and my dog ran away. Can I come tomorrow?”

Me: “Yes 1:00 tomorrow.”

LL at 1:30 the next day: “I totally forgot I have a dentist appointment. Can I come tomorrow?”

Me: “Yes 1:00 tomorrow.”

LL at 3:00 the next day: “Pass.”

4. Silent Sally

Silent Sally starts out full of exuberance and immediately tags you five seconds after you post.

SS: “I want this! When can I come pick it up?”

Me: “Sending you a PM.”

SS: No answer

Me: “Do you still want this Silent Sally? I sent you a PM yesterday.”

SS: No answer

Me: “Silent Sally I sent you a PM two days ago. Are you still interested?”

SS: No answer

Me: “Last call for Silent Sally. I’m moving on to the next person if I don’t hear back from you today.”

SS Two days after you sold it to someone else. “Is this still available? I really want it!”

5. Bail Out Bonnie

Bail out Bonnie is probably the worst offender to me. She feigns interest and strings you along so that you miss out on selling to five other people who were interested, only to bail on you at the last minute after dragging it out for a week.

BOB: “I really want this and can pick up today.”

Me: “Great, here is my address.”

Ten hours later. “You forgot to pick this up.”

BOB: “I had to spend my money on gas and have nothing left. Can you hold two more days until I get paid?”

Me: “Ok but just this once. Please make sure you come that day because I have other people interested.”

BOB Two days later: “I was gonna come today but my car had a flat tire and I have no way of getting there now. I can borrow a car tomorrow if you can hold one more day.”

Me: “Ok last chance.”

BOB The next day: “I’m gonna have to pass.”

6. Short Cash Stephanie

Poor Stephanie never has enough cash to buy what she wants and she always has a sob story as to why. She preys on your emotion and compassion and then when you give her an inch, she takes ten miles.

SCS: “Will you take $15? I really want these but my husband lost his job and we are broke. I would love these for my sweet baby boy. He really needs new clothes.”

Me: “Ok since you are in a tough spot I would love to help you out. I will take $15 even though I said $20 Firm.”

SCS arrives to pick up items in her Lexus SUV, looks in her Coach purse and says “I’m short two dollars. Will you take $13?”

7. Anal Alyssa

Anal Alyssa, unlike most others, actually shows up exactly when she says she’s going to and even pays full price without hesitation. Well hallelujah, finally sold them! One hour later:

AA: “You said these were in EUC but I found a small stain on the inside of one of the onesies.”

Me: “I’m sorry I didn’t see that since it was inside and you can’t see it when he is wearing it.”

AA: “Also, the navy blue onesie is slightly faded.”

Me: “I’m sorry I never noticed that. He only wore it twice.”

AA: “These aren’t as cute as I thought.”

Me: “Huh…”

AA: “I’d like to return these for a full refund.”

8. Illiterate Isabel

Illiterate Isabel asks questions that are clearly outlined in the original post. Refer to my example ad above.

II: “How much?”

Me: “20 Firm.”

II: “What size?”

Me: “12 months.”

II: “What kind of condition are they in?”

Me: “EUC”

II: “Any stains, tears or rips?”

Me: “No!”

II: “How many outfits are there?”

Me: “Ten.”

 9. Big Bills Bertha

The main reason I do porch pick up is because of all these different types of people I run into. Plus I don’t have time to load up three kids to go meet someone who may or may not show up, all for a $5 item.

I clearly state porch pick up in my ad so they know from the get go. Then when I PM the person, I explain to them that they will need to bring exact change and leave the money under my mat because I may or may not be home. The whole beauty of porch pick up is so that you DON’T have to coordinate schedules, you don’t have to talk to each other and it’s just easy!

It never fails that I’ll get a Big Bills Bertha banging on my door (always at nap time) with a hundred dollar bill she needs me to break for her $3.00 item.

Me: “I told you to bring exact change.”

BBB: “I know but this is all I have.”

Me: “I wasn’t even supposed to be here except that my son got sick so I had to stay home. What would you have done if I wasn’t here?”

BBB: Blank stare

10. Excuse Filled Evelyn

Excuse Filled Evelyn is basically a cumulation of all of these other people because they always have an excuse. I have heard it all but I have to say, most people use the same excuses over and over, which is how I know they are lies. This leads me to the top ten excuses I have heard from Excuse Filled Evelyn, in order of frequency.

  1. My car broke down. (I hear this almost daily. Does anyone have a working car? How is everyone getting around?)
  2. My kids are sick. (So are mine. That’s why I wait until my husband is home or leave them in the car while I run up to the house…)
  3. I don’t have enough cash until payday. (And you responded to my ad that says NO HOLDS because???)
  4. I don’t need it anymore because my husbands sisters daughters cousins best friend gave me one. (And you just now found this out three days after you were supposed to pick it up? Hmmm).
  5. I thought this was something else. (Yes I can see how my ad was confusing to you….)
  6. I can’t meet you today so forget it. (Um, there’s always tomorrow!)
  7. You live too far. (This one always kills me because the sites are for the specific city I live in. Then someone from a town thirty miles away wants me to meet them halfway for $10. Um…no. )
  8. It’s too expensive. (Not sure why you responded to my clearly priced ad then).
  9. I can buy this for just $10 more brand new at Walmart. (Ok…..go ahead then….YOU responded to MY ad.)
  10. My dog died. (I’m….sorry??)

The moral of the story is this: People are annoying, and flaky, and rude. 90% of my dealings on these sites have been with one of the aforementioned types. I will now be trying my luck with the consignment sales I’m suddenly hearing so much about and donating whatever is left!

The end.



Honorable Mentions

Thanks to your feedback I’ve added those that didn’t make it in my top ten but I figured they at least deserved an honorable mention. Have I missed anyone? What awful experiences have you had? Do tell!

Likey Lexy

You know Lexy. She’s the one that “likes” your picture of the item you’re selling. Um, are you just letting me know you like them for kicks and giggles or are you actually interested?

Following Freida

Freida reminds me a bit of Lexy. She will simply post the word “following” so that she gets notifications when others post. Um, are you actually interested or just nosey?

Drop off Donna

Donna not only wants to buy your item at a discounted price a week from Friday when she gets paid pending all top ten calamities; she would also like to know if you are ever in her area twenty five miles away and could possibly drop it off!

Ebayer Ella

We all know the rules on these sights. The seller is supposed to give dibs in order interest is expressed. It never fails that you get Ella who has spent too much time on Ebay jumping in after five people have expressed interest and offering to pay double if they sell it to her right now. Um, wrong sight Ella. You can’t outbid people. That’s not how we play here.

Resell Rachel

Rachel is the girl that talks you down like Lowball Lucy, takes advantage like Short Stephanie and then turns around sells it for double what she talked you into.

Permission Polly

Polly’s response is always the same “gotta ask the hubs.” She strings you along for a few days only to come back with “the hubs said no.” Wow what kind of drill sergeant is she married to that won’t let her buy a $5 item without permission?

You Asked for it and You got it!

This post really focused on the annoying buyers but let’s not forget those awful sellers! Here is my post dedicated to the Top Ten Annoying Sellers!

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

I am a stay at home mom of three; ages 7, 6 and 1! I love doing product reviews and finding the best things to use for my family. Reading and writing have always been my passions so this allows me to incorporate them with the things that mean the most to me!
The IE Mommy


  1. been there says:

    How about Barter Betsy? After rescheduling too many times for all of their excuses, they finally show up and say “I don’t have enough money on me, will you accept some salmon as payment and we’ll deliver it next week when the shipment comes in?” and then the salmon never gets delivered and they don’t know how to respond to messages anymore. Maybe I should call her “con-artist Connie”.

  2. And let’s not forget the flip side of that coin.

    The seller who posts. You respond first. The seller says “PM me,” so you do. Then 35 comments later, she posts that it’s taken. Never responded to your PM.

    Also there’s the seller shares the awesome picture and price, works out the details and sets the time. Then once you think you’ve gotten the deal of the century, she springs on you that she lives three counties away.

  3. You forgot Gouging Glenda who finds the item that your selling at a lower advertised price on a different website and without considering tax and s&h decides to post a screenshot of the advertised price in the comment section of your post making your price appear that you are price gouging, and therefore, stopping any potential sales of your item.

  4. Great post! I look forward to reading the seller version. I have come across of few of these in the past and have been taken in by Guilt trip Gina who lives several towns away, no car, no money, etc…. I will say that despite a few “scheduling issues” most people I have encountered both buying and selling have been good to work with. A few of the groups are run much better than others. I’m sure there is a Admin Sale site Blog post there in the making…some of the things they do can be very funny.

  5. Linda Brazney says:

    The one that happened to me last week – irritated the *#&$(*#&$ out of me bcuz I really liked the item: I don’t know what you’d name her: Greedy Greta?
    HER: She offered me double what you did; I thought you said you couldn’t make it, so I told her she can come and get it. …
    ME: But we had a deal; I would pick up the item after work at the specified dollar amount we agreed on. HER: I must have read it wrong. Would you like anything else of mine? …. GRRRR

  6. Linda Stanhope says:

    Too funny! thanks!!!

  7. Can’t leave out “Sharee the rules don’t apply to me” the ones who think that they are above all the group rules who then get mad if they are deleted or people request more info.

    Usually the same people who claim they can’t do something because it is too difficult and takes a little more time.

  8. What’s worse than Ebayer Ella is those that private message you to jump the line AND instead of offering to pay double, they low ball the price as well. “I can come pick it up now, and will you take half since I can come get it now?” Um no. Firm.

  9. Anna Eastman says:

    This is so true, I loved it. Another one that you forgot to mention is Ass-nine Administrators. The ones that want to reprimand people without bothering to find out the whole story. Instead of doing a private message they want to throw their weight around like they are getting paid a million dollars to be bitches and call people out! Ughh power trip much?

  10. I LOVE this! Everything is so spot on! I have been trying to sell some of my daughter’s clothes on these pages. I had a HUGE lot of clothes newborn to 6 months and I was willing to separate. Someone asked how much for it all, so I said $75 (she was “helping out a friend”) Her response to $75 was….”that is to expensive, I am just trying to help a friend out, I still have a family to support”

    Thanks for this post!

  11. the people who drive me nuts are the buyers and sellers who private message instead of saying interested. I’ll write interested thinking I’m the first one in line only to find out sale is pending. I’m always like who is this invisible person who jumped ahead of me? So one time I asked and seller said someone PMed them. Ummm that’s not the rules or how a tag sale works!

  12. I have a couple sponsors that sound like Silent Sally! Thanks for the laugh!

  13. I can’t wait to see the seller’s list! There should be one for people who totally lie about the item they are selling, making it sound better than it is or the condition it is in, and overprice their items! You can’t expect to sell an item at a higher price when you don’t include all the accessories. It just isn’t worth as much. Ex) Recently bought a game system missing important pieces. It just isn’t worth as much without the accessories.

    • Oh yea, those people are definitely included! In fact, I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to just ten! Guess there will be honorable mentions for that one as well!

  14. PLEASE consider the safety of you and your children. I do own consignment sale events and one of the biggest perks is that it is safe. You spend your precious time, your gas and compromise your safety for items that might not be what you expected, the seller/buyer forgets to meet you, and so on (see above!). There are thousands of great deals at consignment sales and shops, no driving all over your county. The money you spend stays local and it recycles the products you no longer need. Our event pays sellers 65-80% ! It only takes 1 bad deal, so please be careful. If you are in SC, look up

    • Thanks Kim. There are definitely some horror stories out there. I only deal locally with a small group where everyone knows everyone and it’s just moms. However, you are right that you just never know. I’m going to check out our local consignment sale coming up!

  15. I am so glad I read this because I had a great laugh and I tried to figure out which one of these I am! Great article!

  16. Jessica Reid says:

    How about those people I don’t know maybe Greedy Glenda might be fitting when you are selling an unused item like a gift certificate for example even better a gift certificate with no expiry date and you have all ready priced the item at $100.00 off the value of the card example. Selling a XXXXXXXX gift card valued at 300.00 no exp. never used will take 200.00 the only reason I am selling at such a low price is because I need the money asap I have an important bill to pay…. and you get I am interested, but will you take 190.00 if you will take the 190.00 I will buy it now. How about not taking advantage of what seems to be a steal of a deal and clearly using a desperate situation to be greedy i mean like i said it is not a used washed worn item we are talking about here, bargaining is bound to happen and that is fine but know that there is a line and once it is crossed the only response at that point is REALLY *shaking your head…not too sure if i read that wrong or if I put the wrong add in there like as if I am a car sales person marking up the price knowing that a 5-10 thousand discount still makes me 5 thousand commission, recognize a more then fair deal when you see one and leave it at that please.

    • I totally agree Jessica! When I see something like that and I KNOW it is a good price, I pay the price! I am still getting a great deal. No need to be greedy people!

  17. Ok so I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but omg the hell sellers (pardon the language but really I don’t have another word for them)…… I go click interested on two shirts so the lady messages me …. Set up a time for the following afternoon…..then every hour starts messaging me to confirm because it’s fallen through before(completely understandable)…. All of a sudden I’m getting messages from the seller stating someone else is interested in the shirts and are picking them up ASAP but if I like she has some nice purses(politely told her no as I don’t use purses) …..2 hours go buy and she’s messages me saying the pick up fell through so of course I jump on the shirts ( they were really cute and very summery)…so reconfirm for the same time the next day just to have her message me telling me that someone would like one of the shirts and she is splitting them up for us……It got to the point I had to inform her I was no longer interested and eventually resulted in my blocking her because either the shirt sale kept falling through or she had other items to compensate and I was getting frustrated with her not understanding me saying that I was no longer interested

  18. I love the outlet reseller- someone actually posted a picture of the receipt for a designer purse and matching wallet. In the description it clearly said “paid $260 for bag and $95 for wallet”. However, the receipt clearly showed that both items were deeply discounted showing that the person was selling for more than what she paid for it at an outlet mall 5 miles away from our town! Really, I can go to the outlet mall and buy it cheaper!

    • Ha ha Missy people are so lame like that! It’s kind of like when you buy something at Kohls. There’s ALWAYS a sale and ALWAYS a coupon so the price tag was never actually the real price! The nerve!

    • Most of the time they don’t show the reciept- the whole purpose they are selling online is because of lost reciept or the item can’t be returned any more. They usually show only the tags and either don’t know/remember what they paid like especially if your an impulse buyer or bought it arround the holidays when your buying a lot, or if you just had to buy it and then decided you didn’t like it. When you want something bad enough some people don’t even look at price and the convenience of credit and debit cards makes it easy to not pay attention to what you spent till you get your statement- a lot of Americans do this look at how many people are in credit card debt. A few days ago I bought a $75 bra from VS and didn’t even have any clue what it cost- I figured probably $50 there usually like $50, because I was exchanging some stuff I bought online and didn’t fit, I was only buying a bra to get a “free item” plus I had a gift card and I didn’t even bother to look at the price tags I pulled open the drawer and just grabbed my size in the cute style on display I had like $150 in store credit I was working with and then when I checked the reciept I was like “OMG I spent $75 on a bra!” Or they are just looking for a sucker who doesn’t know better but I think a lot of these people are actually selling gifts they didn’t like and didn’t know where to return them or whatever. If you get it as a gift (I purposely leave the tags on for returns usually, and if the tag looks like I spent more I want people to think I spent more!) and try and resell it sometimes you don’t know the tag price is highly inflated. I hate shopping at Kohl’s because almost EVERYTHING like 95-99% of the store is on sale, I have found items I want that are NOT on sale there though- a sports bra, and a fitness tracker.

      • Annie that is all so true! I just saw something on a site for sale that was those Carter’s outfits from Kohls and she said “retails” for $30 even though we all know Kohl’s NEVER charges full price. It’s inflated so they can call it a “sale” and then with your coupons you get them for $8! This mom was selling them for $20 and trying to make it sound like a steal. Shameless!

  19. This is an awesome article! Absolutely love it! I have experience with most of these buyers. (There are many good ones too.) It is good to know I am not alone 🙂 I would like to add Last Minute Low Baller Lonnie. An hour before her scheduled pick up time, she emailed and asked if I would take $60 instead of $70. I didn’t get the message and was not home. My husband was home for her pick up and was told that the item was being sold for $70. She showed up with $60 only. No more cash. My husband was kind enough to sell the item for her. If I was home, it would have been a different story as I had already reduced the price on the ad.

    • Liz this has happened to me too, more then once! I say porch pick up because I KNOW I won’t be home. They bang on my door to try to give less and my husband, who sleeps during the day because he works graveyard, answers the door and takes it so this person will go away and he can go back to bed!

  20. I don’t mind the likers or followers, but there is one that drives me ABSOEFFINGLUTLYNUTS and that’s It Sucks Sandy. She comes onto your listing, announces that it’s junk and not worth a nickle, then leaves five more comments expounding on her absolute dislike of the item and why no one in their right mind would ever buy it.

    Two days later she sends you a PM offering 1/16th of what you’re asking.

  21. This must make some Top 10 list of best blog posts written. Absolutely hilarious!!! Anyone buying or selling on an online yard sale group must read this! 🙂 And, if you’re ready to try something with a bit less drama, please check out Towne & Market (! IE Mommy – those consignment sites take a huge commission…Towne & Market is free for sellers! (shameless plug #2) Happy shopping!

  22. The only comment I have to make is about the example used in Short Cash Stephanie. While I would never nickel and dime someone or show up without the entire amount… just because someone has an expensive car or purse, doesn’t mean they are loaded and trying to screw you. Please don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Lady in the BMW with the Coach bag… whose husband left her for someone else, moved half way across the US and never looked back, leaving her with a mortgage payment that’s 80% of her take-home pay, struggling to make ends meet, with 2 kids including one with autism. Every little bit helps to take care of my kids and home. 🙂 And yes, it’s sad that I feel guilty when I drive up in my car because I know that people judge others without knowing their story.

    • Kim I totally agree that everyone has a story we don’t know. HOWEVER, she already knew the amount, said she was going to get it and showed up without it. That really happened. IF she couldn’t afford it, which maybe she legitimately couldn’t, then she shouldn’t have agreed to it. She should have been up front and honest and ASKED me to go lower. Don’t forget, she already talked me down $10 and I agreed to it. THEN she showed up short after she said she was getting cash. This really happened to me. It’s shady no matter what she was driving.

    • Kim, on another note. I’m sorry that this happened to you. I DO realize there are people out there this happens to and nobody knows their situation but then. I’m not trying to make light of people like you. I WAS you ten years ago. I went through a divorce and got stuck with a car payment I couldn’t afford on my own. But I was in too deep to just get out of it or sell it and couldn’t walk away and ruin my credit I so desperately needed for my fresh start. I get it. I do. Unfortunately (and fortunately) not everyone has a legitimate reason like this and do take advantage. Those are the people I’m referring to so I’m sorry if that offended you. I wish you the best of luck with your fresh start. It DOES get better!!

    • uppity fever says:

      I was in a similar situation. We had to sell the fancy car and seriously down size but I understand exactly what you mean. People think we’re rich because we live in a house instead of an apartment like them but they don’t realize houses are more expensive then apartments. House insurance, home owners insurance, water, electricity etc….sorry if I wandered off topic.

  23. Aimee Gregersen says:

    I just read this and the comments and it had me rolling! you forgot about the posting police Pams(you know the ones that are NOT admins but act like it) though lolz and inbox Ingrid that will NEVER comment on an actual post but wants what you are selling/giving away

  24. As fun as it is to read about obnoxious buyers, there is probably a Dave’s Top Ten List for sellers too!
    I know I certainly have a tale or two…

    • Oh Donna I happen to be working on that right now and I’m having a hard time keeping it at just ten again! Stay tuned! And please, do share your tales!

  25. True story. Last week when I picked my daughter up I found that my mother in law had cut her hair without my permission. Destroyed all her beautiful curls. I was so livid I totally forgot about picking up an item. However I contacted the seller later that evening and picked it up the next day. (Porch pick up AND correct change 😉 ) I felt horrible but the seller was very understanding. So, while I agree most people are lying, there are some true crazy reasons out there! Lol 🙂

    • Holy Moly April I would flip out! I’m sorry that happened! But yes, there are definitely legit excuses and I find those are the people that tell me their story (and it’s not one of these listed since it’s a REAL story), apologize and then reschedule and show up. You definitely don’t belong on this list! Your mother in law, however, belongs on another list!!

  26. wow! I can relate. So glad I am not the only one this happens to!
    I would like to add one entitled erica. She is the one who wants it free and wants you to deliver it to her in a town 30 mins away.
    Seriously?? What is wrong with people.

  27. You need a group with great admins- we’ve got “Take ’em Down Tina” and “Superbly Sarcastic Sara” – Sara (not her real name) sells everything she posts because of her hilarious descriptions. I’m not even quite in that neighborhood, but I’m on the site.

  28. Sort of like Silent Sally, the people who annoy me are the ones who yell WANT! on the post and then are never heard from again….

  29. I found this post to be ridiculously accurate and incredibly funny! I am a work from home mom who is dealing with daily sales from various sites, my Etsy store too, Craigslist, etc…. It is so refreshing and a relief (sadly) to see that other people are struggling with these sellers and your EXACT same mental reaction to them! Because we all know you can’t actually say those remarks to people especially if your sale site gets customer reviews! I would LOVE to read a follow up post about ways to write our ads to better alleviate some of these buyers…. if any exist! Short of…. “No Holds, Cash Only, No Morons”

    • Kandice I wish there were a way to do that but you just can’t change crazy! People’s mentality just seems to be set a certain way and most of it; not good! I always clearly state everything but it never fails that someone will question it, challenge it, completely disregard it or find a new way to irritate me! I am a bit non confrontational but I have a friend who just shuts these people down. She still has to deal with them but she immediately shuts it down with one comment and eliminates the back and forth. She’s a teacher so I guess she’s used to being firm!

  30. How about that woman that you see every other day seeking an item “for free or cheap” and then within days she has the same item for sale for some outrageous price. That always blows my mind.

    • Trish that is so shady! Some people are just out to make a buck regardless of their immoral way of doing it. I just have to hope that what goes around comes around and some day they will get theirs!

    • Shannon Baas says:

      Or the people who get Christmas presents for their kids through the giving tree and turn around and sell them.

  31. i don’t purchase much on the resale sites. I have had one take back (when boxing up said fisher price little people toys my kids freaked out and I’m not gong to sell it anymore) wonder if thai is true or a friend decided they wanted it and are selling or giving to them instead. On the note of consignment. Try jbf (just between friends), you can google them and find one in your area. I know they have one in San Diego. There are at least 4 in my general area in northern CA and surrounding towns. They seem to be pretty popular.

  32. I know this isn’t a person that is bad for buying things, but I don’t like change-the-price-Charlie. When you go to pick up the item you’ve and you know actually show up with the exact change that they wanted for the item and they say “well, I have a bunch of people interested so if you still want it it’s gonna be $10 more”. And then your like well I brought exact change, like the ad said. and Charlie says “do you really want to miss out over $10?”. I really hate Charlie!

  33. Oh I had one this week take an item, “forget” to pay and them email me her apologies but let me know how much the special needs kids at church love it…When I asked her to come back and pay for the item she shows up with the police because she’s scared! Ummm….ok then?

  34. OMG! I think I have come across all of these lovely lovely women! Hilarious!

  35. You forgot one of the most frustrating of all: Butt In Line Lucy! She posts, “WANT” in all caps after five others are in line with a polite “interested” or “next”. Then you get a pm asking when she can pick it up. What?? That’s not how it works Lucy!

  36. How about take over your post MCPatti?

    I clearly post an ISO and Pat decides she has rhe right to ask others who responded for the item before I can even respond! Make Your Own ISO post Pat. That is so frustrating and inconsiderate.

    • Wow Sarah the nerve of some people!!

    • A couple of the FB sites that I’m a member of prohibit this until the OP specifically says that he/she is not interested in the ISO item posted for consideration, it’s cut down a ton on drama 🙂

      • Michelle I think some are just better at staying on top of it than others. I wouldn’t want a job of being referee to all the drama that goes down!

  37. Consignments have downsides too. Usually you only get about 50% of your asking price. It is very tedious. You can’t sell a “lot” of clothes. Each item needs to be entered and tagged. Unfortunately consignment sales seem to bring out the same type of people we deal with on these sale sites. They want something for nothing, so there is a lot of theft. It is easy to pretend a diaper bag for sale is yours. The sippy cups for sale are your kids. It is sad. I don’t know what is better. If you can afford it maybe just donate to truly needy families. No hassle no headaches and the unfortunate will feel blessed.

    • Wow Chris I had no idea!

      • Kerri Gogan says:

        I own a consignment sale and I’m sorry Chris had that experience, but it’s not typical, IMO. We offer 70%, and while you can’t sell lots of 20 things, we encourage people to make sets or sell multiples. It’s common to put 2-5 onesies, sleepers, pants, etc all pinned to one hanger. They tend to sell faster and you have less items to enter! We zip tie diaper bags to the hangers so people can’t throw them over their shoulder and claim they are their.s We secure all strollers together so they can’t be looked at without help. High dollar items are kept near the register. We have volunteers on the sale floor assisting shoppers, keeping things straightened and also are a presence on the floor to dissuade such behavior. I’m not saying theft has never happened, but it’s been a rarity not the norm. You also can donate your items after the sale so you don’t have to pick them up. We let women from a domestic abuse shelter come in and “shop” (for free) our donations and take whatever they need. Then the leftovers go to another charity we work with. It’s safe, anonymous (no giving out personal info to strangers), no haggling, one trip to drop off, and most sales open for entering your items months in advance. You have time to tag all at once or in little sessions. Whatever works for you. In our area there are multiple sales from my franchise, and once you tag it you can take it to all the sales without re-tagging if you want. Obviously I’m a little biased as an owner but it may be more about picking the right sale for what you need or want from it. Thanks for letting me comment!

      • I agree Kerri. I hear much less horror stories about consignment sales than anything else. We have a local one my friends all do and rave about. I just haven’t had a chance to participate myself but I’ll make sure I do this year!

  38. Hi there! We are in MD and just love this article, if anyone is in MD and wants to skip the FB groups, is a wonderful LARGE sale where you can sell all your items in one place!

    • Oh, and I just linked to your article from our FB page, here is is!

    • Thanks so much for sharing! Consignment definitely sounds like the way to go! Doing it once or twice a year would be so much better!

      • The only problem I have encountered with Consignment, at least in my area. They lowball the price you want for the item greatly. They need money out of what you are selling also! I found that I’m better off just donating and getting the Tax reduction at the end of the year! The item/s are out of your home and you don’t have the hassle of waiting for it/them to sell or have to keep checking in on it. Consignment takes all the money sold if you don’t check in within an allotted amout of time.

      • I didn’t know that Sarah. I guess it depends what you’re selling and what it’s worth to you!

      • One of the perks of consignment sales is that you set the price and then leave! Nobody to “talk you down”. And you can decide if you want to discount it on the last day. Out with the old…in with the new! My 5 year old loves consignment season and even helps me tag because she gets new clothes and toys 🙂 Raising them right!

      • Wendy I’ve already started just hanging them on hangers in a separate section of the closet for the next local consignment sale. Hopefully there will be no top ten list after. 😉

  39. Shannon Baas says:

    Another irritating one is when someone hijacks your posting. They try to get the person to buy what they have that is similar to yours at a lower price.

  40. Shannon Baas says:

    So true. There are some that no matter what the price is that is listed try to get it for half price.

  41. Lets not forget Drama starter Darlene. Always trying to make you look bad and tries to make others think you are trying to scam them. They NEVER have an interest in the product. They just like to cause unnecessary fights.

    Me: Selling item. Price firm at $20
    Darlene: What? I can buy this brand new for $15
    Me: Thanks for the comment, but I bought mine for $30.
    Darlene: I highly doubt you paid $30 for this. Scammer!
    Me: Sorry you feel this way, I am not scamming anyone. I take it you are not interested?
    Darlene: No, I have no interest in this product.
    Me:Then please move along. *rolls eyes*

    Similar Drama starter Darlene would say this as well

    Me: Selling, never been used. Here is some photos.
    Darlene: If it has never been used, how did you take photos? You had to take it out of the box, so it has been used.
    Me: Is there a reason you are commenting on this? Or just to start issues?
    Darlene: You are lying and making false statements.
    Me: I have never used it until today to prove it looks fine. It is brand new.
    Darlene: Brand new is buying it directly from the store.
    Me: *sighs* *ignore*

    They frustrate me too. lol.

    • Krystal I am laughing so hard right now! I literally just saw another sell group called “no drama” that had a posting like this! Where do people find the time?

  42. In our local group we have a Trade Me Tina. TMT always wants to trade something I have posted for something she has posted however useless her item is to me. She seems to think I can find her items of use regardless of the fact that I haven’t shown any interest in them at all. She does it not only to me but to almost everyone in the group who has posted something she is interested in. If TMT doesn’t have anything posted when she sees something she wants, she will make sure to find something to post that she “feels” (at least in her mind) is about the same value the other person is asking for their item. The problem is most of the time the stuff she posts looks like junk she has found in dumpsters and no one wants it!

  43. I’ll add Speak for others Sara, the one who types in someone else’s name as a hold, then neither of them want it!

  44. I’d like to add one.
    Guilt trip Gina: She’ll often respond to expensive ads, begging for them for free, and asking that you drop it off at her house, because she’s a single mom to 5 kids, all of whom have asthma.. (I get at least 3 messages like that every time I post an air conditioner)

  45. I love this! It rings so true to all the people i deal with in Co Springs! haha

    I saw you said you were going to try consignments, I just thought you should know about peace. love. swap. We are a place to swap your gently used clothing and toys. And all the leftovers are donated! I’m not sure where you’re located, but all of our swap are on the website…feel free to check it out!

  46. The best are the sellers who say you can pick a item up and then keep changing time or completely ignores you when you try to reschedule

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