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I am all about saving energy! Lately I have been doing some research on how to reduce our electric bill and was really surprised to see some of the recommendations and numbers to support it. For example, it stated that it’s actually cheaper to replace all your existing light bulbs with energy efficient ones now than to wait for the others to go out.

I was replacing them as they needed it because I thought it was wasteful to get rid of before they burned out. But it looks like that’s the wrong way to go about it!

I have heard a lot about LED bulbs but this is the first one I’ve used. The difference in the look of the light wasn’t that drastic from my non LED energy efficient bulb. The one on the right looking at the picture is this LED bulb and the one on the left isn’t LED.

IMG_7449 I don’t really have a preference as far as the looks of the light goes but here are the numbers I do care about!


Can you imagine a light bulb lasting 45 years? I basically just need to replace all my bulbs and I’m done for decades! How incredible would that be?

I only have one so far and haven’t used it long enough to see my energy savings but I’m definitely getting to work on replacing them all. I took other suggestions offered by the electric company that did pay off so I have no doubt this one will as well.

This bulb also comes with an E-book that gives you additional energy savings tips! When I started focusing on these things my bill dropped by a third so the savings are real.

You are going to have to make an initial investment to get these LED bulbs at $13.99 BUT the savings over the years will definitely be worth it! It will pay itself off and then some!





Product Description

Save Money. Save Energy. Save Time. Light Up Your Home With The Most Advanced Lightbulb Technology Yet!

Electric bills can be crazy high. Each regular bulb can rack up costs up to $15 a month… each! Multiply that by the number of bulbs in your house. That’s a LOT of money – but you can cut down on your electric bill easily by making one small change to your household.


– Added safety with isolated driver (shockproof!) and thick epoxy (shatterproof!)
– Use less energy than standard bulbs
– Last longer with 50,000 hours of life
– Recyclable
– 300 degrees beam angle
Save energy AND money – with these bulbs, individual YEARLY running cost is only $0.84… as opposed to standard bulbs, which cost up to $15 EACH MONTH!


– Don’t overheat
– All-purpose
– Easy to install
– Do not attract bugs
– Completely silent – no annoying hum
– ANSI construction compliant
– Highly luminous, highly stable
There is NO RISK FOR YOU WHATSOEVER WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line – our Customer Service specialists are here to help you out.



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