I Like my Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable Charger Better than my Apple Original! @CommaChargers #CommaChargersCom


My Thoughts

I have tried many different chargers for my iPhone 5c and unfortunately, so far all of the ones that weren’t from Apple have failed me. They have either come apart, stopped working or in one case, both! When I saw that the Comma Chargers cable was Apple Certified, I was willing to give it a shot!

I was never expecting to say this but….I actually prefer it to my Apple charger! I know – very shocking. I just like the thickness of the cable! It feels so much sturdier and with the constant plugging and unplugging to switch to the iPad charger, it just feels more durable and like it can take all the abuse my family gives it.

Between my husband and I and two of our kids we have three iPhones and an iPad. Two take the newer charger like this MifFi Lightning Cable and two take the old kind. We leave the same plug in the wall but often this cable gets pulled out by a six year old. It needs to be durable!

I haven’t timed it but it seems to charge just as quickly as my Apple charger that came with my phone and the cord itself is actually longer so it is much more convenient.

To me, having the stamp of approval from Apple says a lot and in this case I’m happy to report, rightfully so! The Apple Certified MiFi Lightning Cable Charger works great and at $11.99 is cheaper than buying from Apple. Double win!




Product Description

Apple approved and certified MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) charging cable
Will not generate error messages saying cable is not certified
High gauge coiled cable
Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone Touch (5th Generation), iPod Nano (7th Generation), iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini (1st Generation, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and NOW iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!!!

Cable length is appox. 4ft or 1.2 meters

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  1. I am constantly losing my charger! I need to add this one to my collection!

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