How I Transformed These White Chinese Lanterns for Jax’s First Birthday #whitepaperlanterns


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We are getting ready to celebrate my baby Jax’s first birthday! It’s such a magical time and I want to make it as special as possible, without spending a fortune or going overboard. The one show and character he’s show interest in is Mickey Mouse so that’s the theme of his party. Unfortunately most of the decor is ridiculously expensive and not that original looking. I was looking for ideas on Pinterest and then I got these 10 White Chinese Lanterns and had an idea!

463a16cf7a708e20e8818b4f692b7105ad895ba5First I had to do the basic assembly of the lanterns. They come in two pieces: the lantern itself and the metal frame that goes inside. There weren’t any directions included but I just had to look at it a minute to figure it out because it was pretty obvious. One end has two little ridges that fit in the bottom of the lantern and you have to bend the metal a bit to fit the top two ridges into corresponding metal holes on the paper lantern.

The first two were a little awkward and when I didn’t get it right, they tore a little hole in the lantern. They are paper so they do tear but it was a small hole I just taped over. Once I got the hang of it, I easily assembled without mistakes in under a minute.

The lanterns looks just like a head so I cut out some black circles to make ears and presto, I had Mickey Mouse decorations!

IMG_7400I have a couple of hanging lights in my kitchen that fit right inside the lantern top so I hung two on there for ready made lit up lanterns.




I love how easily I was able to transform these lanterns into Mickey Mouse! Since they are white, they are basically a blank slate. In fact, they come with an E book full of suggestions on how to transform them. Here are a few ideas.


798cc4fc1551b129e44590f869f508b2cef8fc1bI love all of these ideas and plan on implementing some for the seasons.

I have actually spent more than I care to admit on similar decorations and these are just $9.99 for ten on Amazon right now! I want to stock up on them while they’re so cheap and have them ready to transform for all my birthday and holiday events!

The Chinese Lanterns were an easy and cheap way for me to make Jax’s buddy Mickey appear all over his party! These are great if you are crafty, or not, and want to make a party, wedding, baby shower or really any event extra special!



Product Description

It’s not just about the party, it’s about making amazing memories you will cherish long after the guests are gone and tables are cleaned.-Lydia (owner)


Crisp white paper lanterns adds ambiance and style to your wedding. Chinese paper lanterns with lights hanging above a wedding party venue gives a soft-gentle light that will not interfere with photography. Lights not included but our paper lanterns will accommodate them.

Make the paper lantern decorative and elegant by:

-embellishing the surface with crystals

– rhinestones, beads, or curled ribbon

-Add a soft touch with small white feathers around the top of the Chinese paper lantern

-Small silk flowers and butterflies adds a special flair to the paper lanterns for added glamour.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy


  1. These Chinese Paper Lanterns are a great way to decorate for any celebration! I love your Mickey Mouse ears!

  2. Great idea! You are so crafty. I will be back to look at this for future parties!

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