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Let’s face it; nobody likes the kid that brags! And as moms, nobody wants the kid that brags to be theirs! Hearing anything boastful come out of my kids mouths is cringe worthy! My kids don’t have a huge problem with this but there have been moments in certain situations that I have heard bragging and it’s something I instantly want to nip in the bud!

The Berenstain Bears always provide great moral lessons for my kids and The Biggest Brag is no exception!

Brother and Sister bear demonstrate exactly the way bragging occurs in my house. One kid will say something like “I scored a goal in my soccer game” like sister and brother has to one up it with “I scored the winning goal in my game and set up another goal with a corner kick!” I think kids somehow naturally feel challenged and the need to be the best so this is usually where bragging starts.

Their bragging goes from bad to worse and I found myself laughing out loud at their one upping each other with what they see in the clouds because it just becomes ridiculous. Sadly, it is very true to life and I have heard similar conversations.

Luckily Gramps comes along to give them a Bible lesson and put it all in perspective. I used this as an opportunity to talk to my kids about how unbiblical bragging is and the dangers of being prideful. I think the ridiculousness of the cloud situation helped them to see how it sounds because they were laughing during this part because it seemed so silly. I made sure to let them know that’s exactly how they sound to me in similar conversations.

The Berenstain Bears and The Biggest Brag was a great little lesson for my kids and one they needed to hear!


About the Book

In this newest Berenstain Bears Living Lights 8×8 book, The Berenstain Bears and the Biggest Brag, Grizzly Gramps teaches Brother and Sister a valuable lesson about bragging and boasting.

When he happens to overhear the cubs bickering about who can see the most unusual cloud formations, Gramps puts a stop to the argument. He reminds them that being proud of a special talent from God is one thing, but bragging about it is foolish. “Pride goeth before a fall!”

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