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My Thoughts

Now that I am much closer to forty than I am to thirty, I have got to take better care of my skin! With three kids in six years and being exhausted all the time, I have been really guilty of falling into bed at the end of the day without paying any attention to skincare. Sadly, I am starting to see the effects of that!

I always have dark circles under my eyes and fine lines have begun to appear around my eyes and mouth. And since I am not regularly taking care of my skin, it just doesn’t look good. It looks dull. That’s why I was eager to see what the Derma Roller could do for me.

I have heard of the Derma Roller before but wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about, until now.

What is it?

It is literally like a little steam roller for your face! But instead of steam, there’s needles; lots of them. I know that sounds kind of scary and when I took it out and saw all those little needles, I was hesitant.


I touched it with my fingertips and while I could feel the poke of the needles, it wasn’t a bad thing. While they are needles, they don’t actually penetrate the skin. They just roll over the surface. Yes, it does hurt, a little. It’s more like mild discomfort. But what is that saying? No pain, no gain. In this case, it’s quite literally true!

Using it

I carefully read the instructions for this one to make sure that I did it correctly. I put a little bit of serum on it and rolled it over my skin, vertically, then horizontally, then diagonally, never lifting it off my face. This took a little bit of practice. It’s hard to get it to change direction without lifting off your face. But after using a few times it got easier and now I do it without really thinking.

At first I didn’t like the needles but now my skin has gotten used to them and I don’t really feel it.

Does it Work?

I have been using this three times a week (every other day) for two weeks and I can actually see results. My skin looks brighter and healthier and has lost that dull look to it. I would even say it glows a little!

The Case

I love the storage case that this comes in! It’s classy looking and is a safe place to store the Derma Roller. I don’t want my one year old digging through my drawers, as he does, and getting his little fingers poked!


The Cost

This runs $18.75 on Amazon right now which is much cheaper than I thought. When I read that people pay to get this done in a salon, I realized even more what a huge savings this is. You basically immediately have gotten your money’s worth since it’s cheaper than one salon visit!

My Conclusion

The Derma Roller was a bit more painful than I anticipated but my face quickly adjusted and I think it’s worth it to get the results! In two weeks my skin is brighter, clearer and the fine lines have disappeared and the deeper ones have lessened. For more technical info, check out the Product Description below.




Product Description

Do you want to give your skin it’s natural glow back? Then get the best Diva d’or Derma Roller on the market and MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOKS YOUNGER AND HEALTHIER!
The Diva d’or is the #1 professional’s choice for skin treatment at home

Get the results and those benefits of Diva D’or Derma Roller:

– Stimulates collagen formation.

– Tightens skin and restores elasticity.

– Softens fine lines.

– Reduces the appearance of scarring.

– Reduces cellulite.

– Reduces pigmentation and sun damage.

– Improves the skin’s ability to absorb topical serums, gels and creams.

Why choosing Diva d’or Derma Roller from the rest? See comments from customers who have used it already:
– Great Quality Derma Roller.

– Awesome Customer Service.

– Fast Results For Flawless Skin.

– Bargain Price For An Excellent Product.

– Easy To Use A Derma Roller That Works Like A Dream.

– Very Highly Recommended

– Super Product – Beats Going to the Salon.

– Treats Every Skin Type.

– Comes In a Sterile Package And a Protective Kit. Ready to be used straight away.

– Very Fast Shipping.

Our Guarantee To You
Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we have a 90-day, money back guarantee. Let us know and we will refund the full price of your order. No questions asked.

You have made the right choice with the Diva d’or Derma Roller.



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