The Car Seat Protector by Cruisy Kids Will Help Keep my Van Nice! #CruisyKids


My Thoughts

We bought a new van last year and unfortunately, it has tan seats. With three kids, you can just imagine the damage! It’s really hard to keep the van clean and the seats are even harder. With two in boosters and one in a car seat, I’ve placed towels under their seats to try to minimize the damage. While it is better than nothing, it certainly doesn’t compare to the Cruisy Kids Car Seat Protector I got to go under Jax’s car seat.

With three kids, you would think I would have known these existed by now! I have actually seen the mat that’s just a simple mat that goes under the seat but nothing as extensive as this.

This covers the back of the seat as well as the bottom and even has a flap that goes under the front and one that extends between the back of the seat so all those nasty crumbs won’t get wedged in there.


The other thing I really like about it that is a huge upgrade from a towel is the no slip surface on the bottom. One you put this on your seat, it clings to it and it isn’t going anywhere!


Jax just turned one yesterday. While legally I can now turn his car seat around, I’d like to leave him rear facing as long as he’ll fit for safety reasons. I like that this can adjust from being a protector for rear facing to forward facing.


The other feature that I love is the pockets on the front. where you can stick things in like bottles, spare diapers, toys or anything you want quick access to. When I’m driving and the baby’s fussing, I can now just reach behind me to grab his bottle out of the pocket without having to dig for it or even turn around and take my eyes off the road.

The Cruisy Kids Car Seat Protector ensures that my van’s seats will stay nice as long as possible. It keeps food off the seats, pressure points from puncturing my seat and gives me added convenience with it’s pockets. Now I just need to get a couple more for the other two boosters!



Product Description

Keeps Food, Drinks & Other Liquid Spills From Ruining Your Car Seat
Well Made To Endure Everything Thrown At It & Made To Last
Easy To Install & Easy To Clean
Non-Slip Backing & ‘Tuck-in Tag’ To Ensure It Doesn’t Move Around
No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee


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