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Lorinda’s Thoughts

We really needed the Duke’s Pet Products Deluxe Pet Brush. We have a German Shepard dog who sheds constantly. Her brush broke this summer and I have been meaning to get a replacement. Without brushing her all summer she has some matted spots and lots of extra hair. Poor girl, time for a good brush!

The Duke’s Pet Products Deluxe Pet Brush was great to use on her and it is way better than our last brush (the bristles were too short)! The bristles on Duke’s Pet Products Deluxe Pet Brush are nice and long for her long coat. That also allows a lot of her shedding hair to stick in the brush. I brushed and brushed and emptied the brush five times. I could have gotten more hair out, but I figured now that we have a brush again so I will just brush her every day this week until all her shedding hair is out and she looks more maintained.

We do have a shedding tool (which is a little different than a brush) that gets a ton of hair out, but it actually creates static and shocks both of us while I use that and my dog hates it so I never use it anymore! The Duke’s Pet Products Deluxe Pet Brush didn’t create static so my dog just sat and I can tell she was happier about getting brushed.

With the bristles being long, the hair that comes out into the brush stays in the brush rather than falling out and creating a big mess. This is encouraging because now I feel like I can brush her inside which means I will brush her more. Even brushing outside I do not like when her hair goes everywhere because it sticks to everything including me and my kids because it is seriously a lot of hair! Yay for my… I mean my dog’s new Duke’s Pet Products Deluxe Pet Brush!


Product Description

There is no Quicker, Easier, Cleaner Way to Remove the Loose, Dead Undercoat, while Gaining A Shiny Top Coat, In A Matter Of Minutes.

If you are tired of your pet leaving hair all over the house & in the car? AND, wait … on your clothes, this is a great product for untangling and brushing your dog or cat’s hair.

This is not a myth – Dogs and Cats shed. Not just a little but a ton!

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce shedding without damaging the coat and at the same time promoting your pet’s healthy skin and a shiny coat then CLD Brands Deluxe Brush is all you need.


Your pet does! Use it on short and long hair dogs and cats; both small and large breeds.

• High quality, deluxe dog brush
• Made of durable wood and metal
• Brush is 7″ x 4″ at its widest
• Handle is contoured in the middle for a better grip
• Metal bristles are 7/8″

What’s in the box?
1 Deluxe Brush

Dog Grooming Tips
Cat Grooming Tips

Satisfaction Guarantee:
If our deluxe dog brush is not everything that we say it is & you’re not completely satisfied

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