Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer for Baby Adult and Child #NCT301


My Thoughts

I have three children so I have gone through a LOT of thermometers! My favorite has always been the forehead thermometer since it’s best for babies and easiest for older kids. It’s done pretty well for us unit I had my third baby last year. He does NOT like it on his forehead and moves around so much to fight it that it’s really hard for me to get an accurate reading.

When I saw the Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer could be used without contact, I had to try it!

There are times I have called the Doctor and they will ask me to what his temperature is when he’s asleep. I never want to wake them but now I don’t have to! It was super easy to use so I didn’t even need directions the first time.

There are different modes depending upon if you are checking body, object or room temperature. You can click between the three with the simple click of a button and on screen info. No more guessing games about what mode you are in!b5745b6675f0ab3fdb7f30737c3ed23c820cb320There are also no more guessing games about whether or not your baby has a fever. It’s color coded for you to show if your baby’s temp is normal, they have a mild fever or a high fever. I know there is often confusion about what is considered an actual fever or even what makes it a high fever. This takes out all the guess work.

Another thing I really appreciate about this is that it comes in a hard storage case. I know a couple of mine have been broken because they weren’t protected so this prevents it from happening.


The Easy @ Home 3 in 1 Non Contact Thermometer is my favorite to date! It is so easy to use and allows my baby to be comfortable without anything touching his already burning head!




Product Description

Experience quick and simple temperature taking with the Easy@Home NCT-301 non-contact, infrared thermometer. This easy to use thermometer has the latest infrared technology to display accurate readings within a second. There is no longer any physical contact necessary to get a simple temperature reading, it should always be this easy!
Instead of startling or irritating your children, this thermometer reads at a distance and notifies you silently. Eliminating physical contact decreases the chance of cross contamination between users while silent monitoring will not disturb them. The thermometer has a beeping sound to alert for high temperatures, however this feature can be disabled so that no sound emits while taking measurements.
Tri-Color Display:
The LCD display will show one of three colors based on the temperature. Not only does this display make reading temperatures easier in the dark, but the three colors indicate different ranges. A green display (<99.1°F (37.3°C)) indicates normal temperature, yellow display 99.3°F~100.2°F (37.4°C~37.9°C) indicates low-fever and red display >100.4°F (38°C) indicates high-fever.
Excellence Guarantee:
We offer a lifetime no hassle replacement guarantee for customers.
How to Take Temperature:
1.Clear forehead area of any hair or perspiration.
2.In ‘Body’ mode (default), aim to the center of the forehead from a distance of 1.2 – 2 inches.
3.Press the scan button and wait a second for the display to show the reading.


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