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Lorinda’s Thoughts

The Elemis Sp@home Body Detox Skin Brush is perfect for exfoliation! I need to exfoliate the skin on my legs at least once or twice a week because I wax my legs. When you wax there is a greater chance for ingrown hairs because the skin has time to get clogged with dead skin and oils by the time the hair starts to grow back. That means that it is very important to exfoliate.

The Elemis Sp@home Body Detox Skin Brush is not a soft brush just for washing, this is a stiff brush with a handle so you can exfoliate everywhere, even your back. It actually hurts just a little when I’m using it because I press to make sure I don’t get any ingrown hairs. Then I turn the water to a colder temperature after I exfoliate to close up my pores but also because the water hurst a little. Maybe this is just me, but that makes me feel like it is working.

I only have two small complaints on this product: There are a few spots in the wood where you can see while they were making it they had to repair the wood. I am sure it is just part of what has to happen to make the brush with wood, I guess it gives it the natural look because it is. Also you have to always push the handle securely onto the brush before using it. I had the brush fly off the handle a couple times with a loud boom in the shower. I learned fast to really push the handle on every time I used the brush with the handle.

If I did not already have the Elemis Sp@home Body Detox Skin Brush I would be excited to get it for Christmas along with a nice cozy bath robe!

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