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Lorinda’s Thoughts

A speaker in my shower, how great! Actually I had a shower radio when I was a kid and I loved it! Now my kids and I can enjoy music with the SoundBot SB510 Splash Resistant
Bluetooth Soeaker in the shower, bath, by the pool or wherever we are near water and now we do not have to worry about my phone getting wet!

It was easy to turn my phone’s Bluetooth on to discover and connect with the SpundBot SB510 to play music. The speaker sounds great in the shower and even in my kitchen. I left my phone in my bedroom so when I took the SoundBot to my kitchen after my shower. The Bluetooth connection was still great and undisturbed through our master bathroom wall. I like that the SoundBot has a suction cup on the bottom so I had it attached to my shower door, my bathroom mirror and then my kitchen counter.

Using the SoundBot SB510 as a speaker to talk on the phone was the only feature I did not feel was great. My husband called me and I answered through the speaker and some words he could understand, but most just sounded muffled. I did not really plan to use this feature of the speaker anyway.

I am really looking forward to taking this SoundBot SB510 on our next camping trip. We have a trailer with little countertop space so I will utilize the suction cup on a window or something so that we can enjoy music without using space or draining the trailer batteries. I have found the SoundBot SB510 speaker is good for the shower, but can be used everywhere else too.

I do think that the SoundBot SB510 would make a great gift this Christmas. I was thinking this speaker would be great for those hard to buy for teens on my list and even those hard to buy for adults!

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