The Christmas Witchling by D. Byron Patterson (Author), D. B. Patterson (Author), Nethie Lockwood (Illustrator) Review #HolidayGiftGuide


My Thoughts

The Christmas Witchling is a little bit too old for my kids since it’s for eight plus so I read it myself! After reading it through I think I might actually try to read it to my six year old because I think he’d enjoy the story.

Reed is in first grade so he is just learning to read but I know this would appeal to him as it involves the North Pole and creatures that reminded me of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings type story.

There are many stories about saving Christmas out there but this is truly a unique mystical spin and one that I think kids will really enjoy. As Christians, we do talk openly with our kids about our beliefs involving things like witches and mythical creatures. As long as they understand what is real and what isn’t, I’m ok with them reading things like this.

If I see them getting scared or confused, I don’t let them continue and talk to them about it. That being said, I don’t think there is anything evil about this story and it really is magical for those that enjoy this type of book.

The Christmas Witchling would make a great gift for young readers this Christmas.




About the Book

A North Pole Adventure Story about a Brave Little Outcast Who Saves Christmas
Since before the Dark Ages, the mysterious Witches of Evernight Mountain have rid the world of evil spirits to prepare for the Christmas season. Having performed this sacred duty without fail for over a millennium, why would the 1000th All Hallows Eve Jubilee be any different? When toy-making Elves move into the valley, the North Pole is not the same — and nothing is what it seems. It takes the courage of 8-year-old Witchling Tulalulalen Flue to set things right after everything suddenly goes wrong. Bullied by her peers and family, brave Tulie Flue runs away with her shapeshifting Patagonian spider kitten to stop a powerful evil now spreading through the Arctic. Will Tulie be able to keep the demon hordes from destroying her home and ruining Christmas? This new take on the Santa Claus origin story is a heartwarming winter’s tale about the wonder of the holiday season, the magic of courage and the bonds of true friendship.


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