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We all face trials and tribulations and sometimes we have to dig down deep to find that inner strength to get us through. It’s not always easy and a little inspiration from people who have been there doesn’t hurt!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength will inspire you and lift you up. My favorite story came from the Fighting Health Challenges called Thanksgiving for the Impossible. A mother is separated from her baby due to a life threatening illness. I can’t imagine going through what she did but her family delivered a message of hope on Thanksgiving that got her through what would have otherwise been another dark day in the hospital.

Reading her story and the others like it reminded me to count my blessings this Thanksgiving and remember how lucky I am to have my health and my family by my side.

With sections to choose from including Overcoming Self Destructive Behavior, Learning to Reach Out and Taking Back Your Life, there are stories we can all relate to. Sometimes when I’m going through something I’m struggling with, I like to go to a relevant section and read just those stories to draw inspiration and strength from them.

Chicken Soup Find Your Inner Strength did give me strength and inspiration during a difficult time and I’m sure it would do the same for you!




Product Description

We’re all stronger than we think, and we often discover our inner strength and resilience when a problem arises. The 101 empowering stories in this collection will inspire and encourage you to overcome your own challenges.

There’s nothing like real stories from real people to inspire you. These empowering and uplifting stories by people who have overcome challenges, solved problems, or changed their lives will help you find your own inner strength, resilience, and remind you to think positive, count your blessings, and use the power that you have within you.

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  1. Natalie Brown says:

    Hello! I really enjoy these books! Another one I’d love to have is The Power of Forgiveness. I’ve been working on forgiveness but it’s not so easy. Maybe this would give me some insight. Thank-you!!

  2. Christine Womack says:

    I would like to read a CSS about advice for Teachers.

  3. Nancy Loring says:

    I would like to read Miracles Happen. This is the perfect time of year for stories in this book.


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    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength AUTOGRAPHED COPY #Giveaway | The IE Mommy

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