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Hästens Down Slipper Boots
What it is: The ultimate in luxury for your feet, these cozy, 100% cotton boots are filled with a blend of 75% white down and 25% sea bird feathers, and feature a ribbon in the Hästens’ signature blue check pattern.
What it costs: $80
Where to find it: Hastens and

Hästens Eye Pillow
What it is: To get some shut-eye on the move, Hästens Eye Pillow is made from soft cotton and filled with natural wheat. The pillow can be used at room temperature or warmed to help you feel soothed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
What it costs: $30
Where to buy it: Hastens stores and

Hästens Baby Alpaca Throw
What it is: These superbly soft throws are handmade from 100% baby alpaca wool, the rarest and finest grade of the fiber. As soft as cashmere and stronger than sheep’s wool, this material has a hollow core that keeps it feather-light while still retaining heat. The only wool that does not contain lanolin, alpaca wool is completely hypoallergenic and never itchy. Available colors: cream, nutmeg, granite, navy, antique crimson and navy/cream check.
What it costs: Starting at $430
Where to find it: Hastens and

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