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Lorinda’s  Thoughts

The Magnetic Daily Schedule Clocks by Learning Resources are really nice quality. I am happy with the thickness of the magnets which means I think they could hold things up if you really needed them to. The colors are bright and bold and the font is easy to read.

I am not a credentialed teacher, but I do teach my son who is in First Grade. He is enrolled in an Independent Study program, which is a new way to say I home school him. I have a planned routine and area to do school work so we can focus. These clocks are a nice visual for my son to see breaks and big transition times in our schedule.

I know that is important for kiddo’s to see and know a schedule because it helps them to be aware of the plan so they know what to expect. My son is much more focused when he knows the schedule and tasks he needs to complete. I know I too feel so much better about anything when I know what is going on and what to expect.

The Learning Resources Magnetic Daily Schedule Clocks are fun for my kiddos to play with as well. Even just getting them out and setting them up my son was showing how he really is understanding telling time. I love it when learning happens when you are not specifically teaching it.

These Learning Resources Magnetic Daily Schedule Clocks of course would be really great in a traditional classroom setting. I have just adapted them for my home classroom and I feel that they can work for both. In fact, these might be a great gift idea for an elementary school teacher if they do not have them already!

Product Description

Display a daily schedule and practice time telling simultaneously! Great way to help students be independent by showing them what the clock will look like for various activities.

Magnetic clocks come with interchangeable hands and labels—snack, recess, lunch, P.E, music, home and 2 blanks.

Includes 6 clocks, 12 clock hands, 8 labels, and Activity Guide.

Clocks measure 5″ in diameter.

Grades: PreK+ –


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