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My Thoughts

My iPhone is probably the thing I use the most in this world and it is the only phone in my house since we no longer have a land line. That being said, it needs the ultimate in protection to keep it safe from my three kids and myself! (I tend to drop my phone, a lot!)

I liked when I read the description for this that I saw the word “unbreakable!” My last iPhone I shattered the screen and the one I have now is cracked. I can’t afford to keep replacing my phones or their screens so a good protector is a great investment.

I also liked that it doesn’t show fingerprints. My kids are always grabbing at my phone and I can’t stand seeing fingerprints on it. I am constantly wiping them off and it gets really annoying really fast. With this screen protector, there won’t be any more fingerprints!

It installs in less then a minute and is super easy. You won’t even need to read the directions. it doesn’t bunch up or bubble like the plastic protectors that I have never once perfectly installed. When you think about it; it really doesn’t make sense that you would protect a screen with plastic! That’s really no potation at all. This more than just covers your screen; it protects it.

If you’re going to make the investment of an iPhone 6, you definitely need to protect it. This tempered glass protector is exactly what you need and would make a great stocking stuffer this Christmas!





Product Description

✓ NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR IPHONE 6 PLUS+ UNBREAKABLE✓. Never worry about dropping your phone again! This tempered glass screen protector could save you hundreds of dollars in the future.
✓ 9 OUT OF 10 IPHONE USERS AGREE THAT THEY A NEED SCREEN PROTECTOR. Surveys show that 90% of IT engineers claim that a tempered glass screen protector is the best way to safeguard your iPhone. These are the best screen protectors on the market. Perfect view quality. Easy application method. ✓No air bubbles and no adjusting position!
✓ EASY TO INSTALL IN UNDER 60 SECONDS. This low cost screen protector can be easily taken off and on! The tempered glass is super sensitive so that you can operate your touch screen like no extra layer.
✓ PROTECT YOUR SCREEN FROM SCRATCHES AND DROPS. Let our iphone 6 Plus + protector take the impact instead of your iPhone’s costly screen. ✓Tempered glass screen protector is made of sophisticated, anti-fingerprint Oleophobic coating. This high-tech coating prevents fingerprints and stains and is very easy to clean. This tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness, it is able to effectively protect your screen from scratches and external shocks.
✓ BUY IT NOW and never to worry about buying another screen protector during the lifetime of your iPhone. Limited stock. Get yours now. ❏TAGS❏ iphone, 6, screen, protector, plus, ., 1g, 2, acase, amazon, and, antispy, apple, armor, back, belkin, best, black, blue, blur, body, bse, car, cheap, cheetah, chrome, clear, color, colored, cool, crystal, cute, cygnett, dark, design, diamond, dry, empire, extreme, film, floral, for, fordigi, four, front, full, galaxy, gel, glass, glitter, gold, gtmax, hard, hd, ifrogz, iluv, iphones, ismooth, lcd, matt, matte, mercury, military, mini, mint, mirror, mirrored, moshi, mpero, noglare, noprint, original, pack, phone, pink, plastic, premium, privacy, private, protectors, purple, rca, red, security, seidio, sgp, shaded, shield, silver, six, skinit, skinomi, soft, sparkle, sparkly, spigen, thick, tinted, white, zagg


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