Christmas on the Farm: A Rhyming Picture Book About Christmas by Beau Blackwell (Author), Geraldina Sierra (Illustrator) #HolidayGiftGuide



My Thoughts

We love Christmas stories! I wrap up 24 Christmas books and let the kids open one to read at night every day in December. It wasn’t easy to come up with 24 Christmas books and I did have some repeats so I was really looking for some unique Christmas stories they hadn’t heard back. Christmas on the Farm was a perfect choice because it’s suitable for all three of my kids aged 6, 5 and 1 (almost).

This story is about, well, Christmas on the Farm! I adore the illustrations! The colors are exactly the tones and shades that I associate with Christmas and the cartoon like animals attracted my baby boy and he even sat and listened to this story (a rarity) and was really focused on the pictures.

This is a rhyming book which I also think appeals to the really listen ones. Even at one he notices something different in my voice, the inflections and the way that things sound. My five year old also loves rhyming books and has started trying to guess how the sentence will end. She’s gotten pretty good at it!

This book is a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and just about being together during the holiday season. Even though they are not all the same, the animals are a family and have their different jobs and traditions to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas on the Farm is a heartwarming story that me and my children really enjoy and requested to read night after night! This would be a cute addition to your Christmas library this year!



About the Book

It’s Christmas on the farm, and the animals know that Christmas isn’t just about presents- it’s about friendship, family, generosity, and love!

Your kids will love this bright, colorful rhyming picture book, and you’ll love that it reminds them of what the Christmas season is really all about. It shows them that Christmas is more than just presents and Santa, and that true Christmas joy comes from being with the ones we love and remembering to be kind and grateful for all that we have.

Featuring fun, simple rhymes and adorably illustrated animals, this book will quickly become a Christmas favorite with your kids!

For fans of Lily Lexington, Michael Yu, Shelley Admont, and Gerald Hawksley.


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  1. Hi Lindsey,

    Thank you so much for your kind review of my book! I’m really glad you and your kids enjoyed it. My kids are 6 and 4, so I’m glad other kids their age liked it as well 🙂 If your kids would ever like signed copies of any of my other books, just email me and let me know!

    Take care and happy holidays,

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