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There are just two girls in our house and we both have hair issues! Paige’s hair is kind of thin and easily tangled. She has that hair that looks like it needs to be brushed about ten minutes after I’ve brushed it Mine is much thicker but tends to dry out easily, probably because of the abuse it takes between coloring it and heat damage.

I have tried a lot of different hair care products but So Cozy is probably the first that has worked for both Paige and I and our different hair types. Even though it’s for kids, I put it in the main bathroom that we both use so I decided to try it. Then I started using it regularly!

I loved the smell the second I opened the bottle! The 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash smells like mango. Even though it’s shampoo and conditioner, those never work for either one of us. If anything Paige’s hair seems to feel more tangled than if I’d used only shampoo. So we paired it with the super hydrating conditioner which is berry flavored. It’s quite an aromatic experience using these two products together!

After using, both of our hair feels softer and more silky. I can easily comb through Paige’s hair and it stays shiny and smooth. Mine feels more moisturized and just looks healthier all the way around.

Women love hair products. They probably won’t ask for it for Christmas but I don’t know any woman that wouldn’t be thrilled to find So Cozy in their stocking this Christmas!




Product Description

2 in 1 Shampoo + Body Wash
Easy Peasy! Part shampoo, part body wash – start at the top and suds all the way to the toes. Formulated with plant extracts and hydrating proteins to leave hair silky smooth, shiny and manageable, while leaving the body squeaky clean. Tear free and non-irritating, it’s quick, easy, and effortless—it gets the dirty work done, fast.

So Good: Guav-o-rama, peppy Pink Guava and lush Tropical Greens play nice with fragrant Passion Flower and pulpy Pineapple.

So Easy: To damp kids, apply a small amount of suds. Lather from head to toe. Rinse. No need to repeat.

Super Hydrating Conditioner
Lickety Split! That’s how fast this conditioner nourishes, hydrates and detangles. Thick and creamy, yet magically weightless, delivers a mega dose of moisture in less than a minute. Easy and effortless, tear free and non-irritating, it makes tub time a snap.

So Good: Berry-whip, swirls of ripe berry hang out with a hint of fresh Vanilla.

So Easy: After shampooing, massage a dollop through hair. Wait 30 seconds or less. Rinse.

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