We tried Stevia Sweetener instead of Sugar for our Sugar Cookies! #PyureBrands #PyureSweet #HolidayGiftGuide


My Thoughts

Baking Christmas cookies is one of the holiday traditions I enjoy the most with my kids! We make plain sugar cookies and then let the kids decorate them however they want. I know a lot of people are trying to replace sugar in their diets with a healthier alternative like Stevia and I’m all for it! I just wasn’t sure how it would work for Sugar cookies where one of the top ingredients is: sugar! Well I was willing to give it a shot to find out!

IMG_7087Our cookies called for two cups of sugar so we just replaced it with Organic Stevia which was easy in this ready pour pouch. My little assistant poured and mixed it in for me.


I really couldn’t tell that much of a difference except for maybe a slight difference in the consistency. I was curious to see how this would translate in the consistency of the sugar cookies. They came out smelling and looking just like they always do!

IMG_7097Now for the taste test! Paige said they tasted great and didn’t notice any difference. I could tell a difference but it wasn’t a bad thing. I have been making these cookies with the same recipe for years so any difference, I would notice They still tasted like yummy cookies though and if I can make them healthier, why not?

Once we added the icing, I couldn’t tell the difference at all. It was still our same holiday cookie recipe tradition, with just a little bit healthier alternative in Stevia.





Product Description

Truth is, not all
stevia is equal.
Stevia is indeed as natural as the soil in which it grows. But not all brands consistently source only the finest leaves. And even more importantly, some brands add extra, less desirable fillers and sweeteners that are not “Mother Nature approved.”





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